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Thread: A few trades

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    I'm finally getting round to having a clear out. A few LPs offered for trade:

    Button Down Brass "This Guy's..." (inc. "Hurdy Gurdy Man&quot.

    Val Merrall "Val Merrall's Big Sound at Butlin's" (inc. killer groover "Flash". Hard to find LP). GONE.

    Sounds Bob Rogers "At Combe Haven, Hastings" (more holiday camp grooviness with the grandadfunker "Meadowbank&quot.

    Elaine Delmar "Sneakin' Up on You" (inc... erm "Sneakin' Up on You&quot.

    Bruce Johnston: "Going Public" ("Pipeline" Levan / Garage fave).

    Azymuth: Outubro (Superb LP. inc. "Dear Limmertz" and more).

    Paul Anka "Anka" (arranged by Mr Johnny Harris, inc. ace funky headnodder "Love's a Lonely Song" very Movements-esque arrangement).

    That's it for now. PMs through the board if you're interested in anything.


    Endless Tripe

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    Hi there Son of Stan,

    I'd be interested in this one form your trades list. I'll pm you a list.


    70s Kid.

    Elaine Delmar "Sneakin' Up on You" (inc... erm "Sneakin' Up on You&quot.
    Barry Morgan's brother is a driving instructor

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    im interested in the Elaine Delmar too if you guys cant work out a trade

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