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Thread: December 2013 Finds

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    Thanks John mate, that's good enough for me...The track I had heard on it was a cover, can't remember what of though , and it had nice drums which is always a bonus!
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    Abrodisiac Records was my label in 1971 and 1972. I created it to market my songs and songs of friends. If you are still interested, reply to this post and I will happily give you more details.

    Quote Originally Posted by korova View Post
    Found this EP a while back and can't find any info on it no matter how much I google. I Can't bring myself to release it back into the wild until I know more.
    Its a 1972 release and sounds country/folk.
    I don't understand why you would press a record with not title on the label and shame of shames no mention of your group's name, or the solo artist if it applies but I suspect its a band as the songwriter credit is for four people (Brodie-Burdock-Hughes-Wrighton). Even the name of the record label "Abrodisiac" has thrown up no leads.
    Anyone recognise it?

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