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    Default February Finds

    No one Appears to have put a list of their monthly finds and with the March hunt already in full swing I thought I would list my finds, it was a good month for Soundtracks for me, only 6 listed, but it seems like more. All these finds were found in charity shops at a cost of no more than £1 per record (thats my limit)


    Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - R&B From The Marquee (Find of the Month £120 in the book, great music too)
    Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill
    Breeders - Pod
    Cat Stevens - The world Of
    Cure - Head On The Door
    Cure - Standing On The Beach
    Cure - Disintegration
    Fairport Convention - The History Of (beautifully packaged double LP)
    Ferrante and Teicher - Exodus
    Ferrante and Teicher - Top 10 film themes
    Four Tops - Greatest Hits Vol 2
    Four Tops - Live
    Francoise Hardy - Golden Hour of
    Johnny Morris- Railway Stories Vol 2
    Leonard Cohen - the World Of
    Manic Depressives - Clock-Work Orifice
    Manic Depressives - Oh what A Lovely Wart!
    Mike Reid - TER-RIF-IC Cockney Songs (what was I thinking buying this ??)
    Ozz 2 - The Assassin
    Peter Sarstedt - Peter Sarstedt
    Rod Stewart - Sing It Again Rod
    Shadows - Out Of The Shadows
    Various Artists - Easy listening (double LP on Polydor)
    Various Artists - Greatest Rock and Soul Sensations (weird German compilation with metal plate insert)
    Various Artists - Together (great compilation of Prog bands on the CBS label from 1971 )


    Happy Mondays - Manchester Rave On 12"
    Human League - The Sound Of The Crowd 12"
    Smiths - Barbarism Begins At Home 7"
    Smiths - Shoplifters Of The World Unite 7"
    Smiths - William It Was Really Nothing 7"
    Smiths - Boy With The Thorn In His Side 7"
    Smiths - Big Mouth Strikes Again 7"
    Sugarcubes - Birthday 7"
    Smiths - Panic 7"
    Smiths - How Soon Is Now 7"


    2001 A Space Odyssey
    The Graduate
    Kung Fu
    Thomas Crown Affair
    Toomorrow (Another Great find, although the music is no where near as good as the cover, shame)
    The Godfather
    Vinyl Sales are outstripping CD Sales 10000 to 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy_Stardust_72
    Toomorrow (Another Great find, although the music is no where near as good as the cover, shame)
    I'll happily take it off your hands...
    You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Hero
    I'll happily take it off your hands...
    Yet more proof that the LP turns up for a £1 (as discussed in a post a week or two ago) fairly often but not for me

    Can't be bothered to list everything but a few bits for 50p/£1.00.


    1) PC Kent-S/T
    2) The Youngbloods-Sunlight
    3) Barney Kessel-Kessels Kit (notice the common link with these 3? All on RCA in same box so where was my Toomorrow LP???)
    4) Dave Dee, Dozy etc-If Music Be The Food.... (nice freakbeaty tune on this, well to my ears anyway)
    5) Couple of Cilla Black's from 1970 (Come on, you'd get them too?)
    6) Victor Silvester-Up Up and Away (Nice version of Ironside but you probably all know this already?)
    7) Soul Generation-Beyond Body and Soul (What a great picture on the reverse of sleeve "Pimpin' Ain't Easy"!) Shame it sounds like Main Ingredient, Stylistics,etc, etc.

    45's 10p each

    1) Dennis Coffey-Getting It On 1975
    2) Oliver Sain-The Double Bump

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    -N.LEVINOVSKY "ALLEGRO"-"SPHYNKS" lp 2nd half of one of the tracks is a really nice fast samba style kind of jazz dance fusion..
    -PETRENKO ORCHESTRA &"DISCO" GROUP- anyone know this one? it's a stab in the dark for me..
    -JAZZ ORKESTAR RADIO-TELEVIZIJE BEOGRAD (1948-1978)"Jazz Orkestar RTB Sa Gostima" - went three times over max limit for an lp on this one only to find it's getting re-ished!
    -Vince guaraldi- 'the eclectic..' - thanks to wooly for the tip on this lp!
    -bob dylan- 'hurricane' 7"
    -rattles- 'the witch' 7" - another thanks to vv for tip (was it lbg or stapleton who mentioned it?)
    -O.C smithh- 'little green apples/lonely together' 7"
    -laid back- the lp with 'ride the white horse' etc .. quite surprised to to find this in a box of james last lps being sold by a old lady on the flea market..

    hmm, that's a bit more than i realised, at least most were cheapies..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Campag Record

    1) Dennis Coffey-Getting It On 1975
    I like this... "hey, lets release getting it on again with a huge break at the beginning!". Noice.

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