For 2 days my wife and I have tramped between various acts at The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh,
seeing some good ones and some pretty awful ones but we just walked out of those.
I fucked my camera up by dropping it in a bag of wine (don't ask) so took no pics.
Also The Escher Exhibition at The National Gallery was well worth the entrance fee too.

Doug Segal
hypnotist cum illusionist cum I dunno what but he had us both hoodwinked for an hour
with his clever mind trickery and sleight of hand, but wasn't actually funny. **

Mr. Meredith
A camp pianist entertainer in the Viv Stanshall mode, dapper dresser and quick with the quips, played
Bohemian Rhapsody as a final flourish and was very camp, we both came out smiling so 2 thumbs up. ****

Jerry Sadowitz
His show rarely disappoints and was even more offensive than last year, bless him forever. *****

Dave Griffiths
He claims to be a comedian but his show isn't so much jokes as the tale of David vs Goliath or rather
logo wars - FCUK vs CNUT and is by turns funny, shocking and pretty ridiculous that he has spent so
much of his time & energy with it but it's a tale worth telling and also has a documentary about it coming soon ****

2 girls wrestling on a pavement
Maybe they were just stoned or something but this was going on somewhere on some street corner
at sometime or other and even though accompanied by a mandolin we were unimpressed, sorry *

Mark Steel
Telling the tale, with jokes, of how he was adopted and how he later tracked down his mum and dad,
an enjoyable and entertaining hour well spent ****

Tap Tap Theatre
Featuring 3 guys, one on a fiddle and 2 doing a swashbuckling pirate show with just a couple of chairs was
one of the most entertaining, funniest and really silly shows I've have seen for ages, I wasn't surprised to hear
today that they've won an award for it, the show would be good for kids too *****

Stewart Francis
The pun gent was on a low firing show Tuesday night, he was good with the one-liners as expected
he's won 2nd Best Joke of The Fringe Award, 2nd Best... but seemed slightly less sharp than he is on telly,
but with so many puns in an hour he isn't exactly disappointing ***

Al Lubel
Despite being onstage in the lovely Voodoo Rooms we walked out of this after 10 minutes
as he really wasn't that funny (or we probably just didn't get it) as he just kept going on and on
and on about his Jewishness and err, that's it *

Dave Mills
Another camp comedian in the Voodoo Rooms, like Mr Meredith above, this guy swore at the audience
quite a bit but with good nature and sang a song by Hole, I thought he was pretty funny ***