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Thread: Best Find in terms of Music and Enjoyment of 2016 so far...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirSlim View Post
    SK - maybe it might tempt you away from Anita's mighty fine version
    I don't think so. I don't think I could listen to a version to which I could click my fingers. I need that 'late night at the diner on your own while the waitress cleans the tables around you' feel that Gary McFarland imbues the song with. It also has the stinging put down in the intro about the amusing quips which are actually written by his press agent. Other versions seem to leave that off.
    "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"

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    NopeŚlistening now. Interested in any more too anyone?

    I like the cover in french that did Mr Mustacchi in 1973

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    Nice accapella version by Trio Esperanca, too. CD only, though.

    i think the most popular version is the Elis & Tom one where she cracks up laughing.

    I hope not. That would make me the Jimmy Savile of the record racks.

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    Solo and live but she still has a good laugh towards the end.

    Its just wonderful

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    I'd forgotten how much I'd enjoyed this online find. No vids but its hopefully making my swap mix. Top ethnic jazz to parade my snazz with acceptable track times. :

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