?..or more importantly, was he just one person, or a composite of several? I'm talking here about the white, long-haired Jesus I remember dancing topless at Hammersmith Odeon rock gigs.

I started going to rock 'gigs' from about the age of 14 and he, (if it was a singular 'he') was definitely at a few gigs I attended. I remember overhearing older hippes at concerts pointing him out with 'Oh yes, Jesus is here again' and he was always properly freaking out when everyone else was doing their sitting down and focussing on the music thing.

He seemed to be omnipresent at huge gigs like Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis etc, but also found his way to smaller ones, and I definitely saw him at Nils Lofgren supported by Tom Petty, so was definitely still freaking around 1977.

It's a long shot, and within a very narrow 'London gigs in the 1970s' demographic, but I thought I would ask anyway....