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Thread: April 2017 finds

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    Various vinyl things found on a short trip to the chazzers of Sheffield and the boots of Northampton

    I was indeed "gassed" to pick this up in a box on a Northern shop floor,
    Penthouse was first published in 1965 so this was a vinyl tease I doubt few men back then could resist!

    This turned out to be a really sweet listen, all covers from the White Album in a cool plinky plonk stylee,
    I believe that's what the Jazz cats say.

    nothing more than 5 a pop from a more sussed than usual car boot seller

    +2 original Blind Faith LP's (phone = the missus)

    cheap 7" odds & ends

    this is actually an unusual Charlie Hyatt & Bam ‎comedy disc from '66 titled Rass!

    4 tunes from the '59 film of the same name by the Cockney cheeky chappie

    I'm still not quite sure what Errol was singing about on this early 70's demo

    early 60's TV themes including the puppet version of The Goon Show

    A single sold exclusively on cruise ships in the early 70's with music composed on this one
    by the same chap who did The Amazing Electronic Arp Synthesizer albums.

    I have uploaded the A side as it's kinda funky & worth hearing : here

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROCKPROF View Post
    Aren't you glad I told the car boot was on that week
    I will be forever indebted to you

    Where were you again this weekend? At that special new car boot you haven't told me about.

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