Another awesome piece of music shrouded in arguments you've got 'Jonathon Weston' claiming credit and royalties, Shawn Phillips claiming he wrote it and was diddled out of royalties then Wynder K Frog (Mick Weaver) saying he wrote it 50/50 based around Shawn's chord progression and didn't even get his studio fee!

I'm inclined to think the latter claim by Mick holds up much better as it's an organised 'Jam' lets say but Shawn has a copyright claim on YouTube which sounds like it's wound Mick up no end.

Did a little more digging and Shawn has claimed he wrote a lot of the riffs on 'Sunshine Superman' over the years, throughout the 70's in fact and was only ever credited with playing a bit of Sitar. It's notable he doesn't try and claim credit for the arrangements though but he does come across upset he gets little recognition or royalties. So he has form lets say but then lots of musicians were ripped off back then. The only reference to 'Season of the Witch' being credited musically to him is a 'Shawn' interview where he claims 'Donovan' admitted on stage at the Albert Hall that he wrote the music but again I cannot find anything to back this up, video evidence would help. I'm inclined to think he did come up with that riff but who knows and I don't think Wikipedia should be stating that he did without pointing toward actual proof. Might get my brother on to it as he is a Wikipedia Fascist and Nerd!

I've read a few threads on here about 'World in Action' it's a toon and I'm guessing we'll never see a release of it as it stands?

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