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Thread: Freebies from the Easter Benny

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    Default Freebies from the Easter Benny

    And not a chocolate egg in sight!

    As promised, inspired by the recent purging thread and the overall spirit of ‘cleansing’ that pervades the forum at the moment, here’s a load of free stuff that those who aren’t purging can grab, should they so desire.

    I think everyone’s got a sense of the ‘rules’ such as they are:

    • 50 post minimum (clears out the lurkers, leaving them to take the piss in the BIN section instead)
    • Make your dibbses clear within the thread so that folk can keep up with what’s gone (simultaneous dibbses can be sorted out amongst yourselves)
    • You’re just paying for your postage, which in the UK is £2.90 for a second class package up to 2kg, so you can get around 6LPs for £3. (I've got plenty of recycled mailers to use)
    • I’ll PM folk when the dust has settled and sort out the Paypal niceties.

    Can’t think of owt else, that’s plenty of protocol right there anyway.

    Get involved. I'm off to watch this on repeat:

    Right, let’s kick off with some drums and breaks type business:

    As ever, it’s time to unleash the canon fodder:


    Themes and stuff:

    International Zone Coasters:

    NB – Obviously, the Oriental Brothers sleeve is banjaxed, but the vinyl is fine.


    And the reading matter that was recently flagged up:

    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Ben could I have the Shindigs and the Los Doradous please. Thanks

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    Can I have Tribute to Youth Praise, Manfred Mann, Sounds Like West Cornwall and one of the Disciples Jesus Christ Superstar please?
    Too late for the Shindigs!
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    Nice one Ben could I grab Equinox, Sergio Mendes and Adventures of Parsley please mate.

    I'll join Miles and take the other JCS as I never turn it up if that's alright.
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    Could I have Pete Winslow, Mike Sammes, and the Gold Star Ray Ellington? If Trumpet On A String is the stereo version I'd like that as well, please - ta!

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    I'll have that Oriental Brothers in the crap sleeve, and Osmonds The Plan Ben. Thanks.
    "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"

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