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Thread: Afrodisia (Vienna) Saturday, 3rd June 2017- 10pm to 4am, AU, Vienna

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    Default Afrodisia (Vienna) Saturday, 3rd June 2017- 10pm to 4am, AU, Vienna

    Afrodisia (Vienna) Saturday, 3rd June 2017- 10pm to 4am, AU, Vienna

    Guest: DJs Eddy De Clercq (Soul Safari, Testlab, NL)

    Where: AU, Brunnengasse 76, 1160 Vienna, Austria

    When: Saturday, 3rd June 2017, 10pm to 4am (or there about)

    How Much: Free

    Fifth one of 2017… Slight change to proceedings this time… whilst Mark Oni is out of town with his bag of electronics making a racket elsewhere we have a special guest for the evening: DJs Eddy De Clercq (Soul Safari, Testlab, NL). More than an honour to share the evening with Eddy…

    Edit - Live Band From 9pm: An Eagle in your Mind - An Eagle in your Mind is a thirst of horizons, undone landscapes, beaches of light... We live and record on the road in search of these marginal zones which seeming forgotten by all release something timeless that we would want to sing. Allying nomadic journey and music we are a folk group without tradition nor school, an attempt of folklores to come.

    An Eagle in your Mind distils a folk music bristly of hip-hop percussion, 70' organs and exotic drone. An abstracted folk music in between classical folk song of Vashti Bunyan or Nick Drake, old bluegrass of the Apalache, sacred music of sister Marie Keyrouz, and the abstract hip-hop of Boards of Cannada or Cinematic Orchestra.

    As ever, in case you can't make the night - have a peek at the AU site on FB page – – the May and June programme is loaded with live bands and performance events… almost every night of the week... recommended if passing through town given we are approaching holiday season...

    A repeat of the April mixes:

    Listen on-line:

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