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Thread: Jack Hawkins' Big Beat Night

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    Default Jack Hawkins' Big Beat Night

    Whilst away in the country on a sabbatical I stumbled across Jack Hawkins' album 'Everything is beautiful' in my favourite out of the way opshop, and despite the Granny looking cover I snapped it up, only to discover the belter of a track '30-60-90' that was used in Get Carter. Back of the net!

    What i'd be keen to know is, what else did Jack do? I assume he was a working band leader by the sound of the album, which is pretty damn good all round despite some dodgy singing.

    Thank heavens for Windmill's Australian distribution system!


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    The Favourite TV Themes LP (also on Windmill) has got a nice version of the Generation Game theme - weird hearing it not sung by Brucie! I've found a couple of other LPs by Jack H, which to be honest aren't too exciting.

    Was it him who did the arrangements on the LP by Stuart Damon off The Champions, or was that John Hawkins? Always get those two mixed up, but on Damon's LP there's a pretty good version of 'Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp'.

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    In the early 70's The jack hawkins big beat were the resident band at the "Oxford galleries" nightclub as seen in Get Carter,he was there for about a year before moving onto Blackpool.
    Apparently Jack's band still plays at weddings etc!

    In Get Carter the band played live and there was a lot of unused film of "Caine" walking around the dance floor while the band could be seen playing.
    they cut all the best bits the buggers.

    take the get carter tour

    Herbie Flowers

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    in the seaside town that they forgot to close down...

    Talking jack hawkins

    the same album-all tracks the same-was also released as jack hawkins psychedelic 70's-in a sort of red and green negative art cover...i have only ever had one of thses but 2 0r 3 'everything is beautiful' have turned up recently usually in blackpool / fylde coast chazza's where the guy walked like a panther !!

    30-60-90...also worth checking out is a version by jackie mittoo that has a little dog barking on it !!

    everything is indeed beautiful...
    Banned (DJ Anchovy)

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