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Sect Thing; 21st April 2355 Eka Palace, Lisbon

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  • Sect Thing; 21st April 2355 Eka Palace, Lisbon

    SECT THING is back! It's time for the monthly re-appearance of this sinister brain washing cult that wiped the minds of countless youths and made them dance all night like stupefied zombies. The music, including genres such as EBM, maximal synth and other relentlessly hypnotic sounds often proves simply too much for the primitive brains of today's clubber. These devastating beats can only have been created in a lab by some twisted genius specifically to get under the skin of young people and drag them to the dance-floor where these helpless victims somehow believe that they are enjoying themselves...
    The cult appears to be ruled by a shadowy triumvirate who, in addition to dominating their indoctrinated followers, are also responsible for selecting and manipulating the music.
    Recent dangerous and meticulous research from the FBI, Interpol, Scotland Yard and this guy we used to know from Clapton has torn away the secrecy and revealed them to be none other than.....Idle Rich and Lizatron of Invisible City! In a fearsome combination with the fiendish Serotonin from Graveyard Thrills!

    Line up:

    DJ Sets:
    Serotonin (Graveyard Thrills, Lisboa)
    Lizatron (Invisible City, London UK)
    Idle Rich (Invisible City, London UK)p