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Xmas has come early

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  • Xmas has come early

    December's proving to be a busy month for all concerned, so - as a once only thing - Yo Mama! will be re-locating it's December get together :

    ** Time : Thursday November 27th 9.30pm - 2.00am **

    ** Location : Deluxe Bar (Contact Theatre) Oxford Rd M/cr **

    Expect much more of the usual.  Anything from Irene Reid to Gangstarr to James Last to Fela Kuti might be make a vinyl appearance at any time during the night.. just good funky music, basically.  

    Next regular date is January 10th 2004...

    Plenty of surprise guests to be announced closer to the actual dates.  There's been some cracking sets during the first few months - thanks to all concerned, you know who you are!

    and thanks to anyone who's come down to the night as well, goes without saying really..