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    Andy Martin, a friend of my wife and myself, has been diagnosed with Sinonasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma (SNUC).
    This is a very rare form of cancer affecting the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. The prognosis for patients with this disease is dismal with a median survival expectation of 18 months as the cancer spreads to other areas like tongue, eyes and brain.
    Andy had been treated -seemingly successfully-  with chemo- and radio-therapy in 2002. After suffering from a nosebleed earlier this year he visited his doctor and was diagnosed with recurrent SNUC. After consulting more or less all specialists available for this disease in the US he had to undergo some pretty horrific surgery to remove his sinuses. In other words: He can not smell anymore.

    Still, his prognosis remains grim due to the lack of medical and scientific understanding of the disease. Andy is a third year medical student and has decided to sidestep his studies to work on a SNUC research project with Dr. Tyler Curiel who is overseeing his treatment.
    While he's getting a lot of moral support from his fellow student (see below for a picture from a party where his class shaved their heads in solidarity with him) his research work is in need of funding.  Beginning today, December 15, 2003, Dr. Curiel, an ultramarathoner, will attempt to BREAK THE WORLD RECORD for distance in a 24-hour run and basketball dribble--an event that will support cancer research and an effort that will be dedicated to Andy.

    I would greatly appreciate if you would check out their website and could support their fund-raiser with a donation.


    [email protected]