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Hf&s july 01 - hf&s 1st birthday

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  • Hf&s july 01 - hf&s 1st birthday

    Special HF&S 1st birthday party special. This week: Lefties Soul Connection live! (MPM Records, 1st UK appearance) Plus about 8 guest DJs (yipes)

    Hot, Funky & Sweaty July 01
    Salmon & Compasses, 58 Penton St, Angel, London N1
    Every Thursday, 8pm-2am. £2 (cheap&#33

    One year in and we’re looking real strong! To help celebrate, we have the almighty Lefties Soul Connection from Amsterdam in session – their first gig in the UK (though Alviz & co have been playing for 12 years, so rest assured, they’re tight&#33. This band is huge, believe us, and they’ll have with them copies of their much sought after promo CD – only available at Lefties gigs.

    Seeing as this is a very special HF&S, we have not one, but at least eight guest DJs! Each one armed with a box of top quality funk 45s that cost more than your house.

    Now go and buy a Lefties 45 on Melting Pot Records immediately, cos itÂ’ll be so much harder when you go looking for that Lefties fix come Friday morning with that hangover...

    Check out the Lefties sound here: