Following the stellar showing last month featuring the irrepresible selection of Ian Wright and a packed dancefloor of Londonites, the Jazzman residents this month, go solo!

Join DJ's Fryer, Belson and Jazzman Gerald playing raw and rare funk 45's, a healthy dose of the classics, and a touch of the newer edge funk currently doing the rounds.

All the important info is on the flyer or here at the webflyer.

Also, here's a selection of photos from the last jammed up session.

This months top 5's are;


(1) Jimmy Brinson - I don't want to hear it now
(2) Beverley Wheeler - Don't shake my tree
(3) Lynn Varnado - Tell me what's wrong
(4) T. J. Kirk - Soul power
(5) Little Milton - Woman, you don't have to be so cold