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  • Psycho Soundtracks in Sheffield

    Evening Concert
    Tue 15 Feb, 19:30, Firth Hall
    Psycho: The Music of Bernard Herrmann

    Miklos Rozsa: String Quartet No. 2
    Bernard Herrmann: 'Echoes' for string quartet
    Astor Piazzolla: 'Four For Tango'
    Erich Korngold: String Quartet No. 3
    Bernard Herrmann: Suite from 'Psycho'

    Music by Bernard Herrmann (including the Suite from Psycho) and other film composers of his generation. Hungarian-born film composer Miklos Rozsa, like Herrmann, was closely associated with Alfred Hitchcock. The Argentinean composer Astor Piazzolla pays homage to Herman's music in Four For Tango by imitating the violin effects from Psycho's famous shower scene. Erich Korngold was one of several Jewish Europeans to escape Hitler's Europe, with Max Steiner (Casablanca), Franz Waxman (Rebecca) and Bernard Herrmann forming a quorum of unprecedented talent.

    The Tippett Quartet are committed to combining mainstream repertoire with contemporary works, and have been described as 'bold and innovative... extraordinary technical accomplishment with flair and a bright communicative spark' (The Times).

    Tickets: #8, #5 (concs/staff), #2.50 (students/unwaged)

    Thurs 24 Feb, 18:45, Firth Hall
    Loyalty of an Eel - the rise and fall of
    the incomparable partnership of Alfred
    Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann

    Central to Herrmann's reputation is the partnership he shared with Alfred Hitchcock, which yielded such masterpieces as 'Vertigo', 'North by Northwest' and 'Psycho'. This talk examines the secret of their success and why they fell out so spectacularly over the score for 'Torn Curtain'. Was Hitchcock guilty of gross disloyalty to his illustrious and devoted colleague?

    Neil Sinyard is Emeritus Professor of Film Studies at the University of Hull and Visiting Professor of Film, University of Lincoln. He has written 25 books and hundreds of articles and reviews on all aspects of film, including a book on Alfred Hitchcock.

    Tickets: #4, #3 (concs/staff), #2 (students/unwaged)

    Evening Concerts
    Sun 20 Feb, Sun 06 Mar, 19:30, Firth Hall
    Great Movie Music I & II

    Sheffield University Symphony and Wind Orchestras perform popular music from the movies including music by John Williams, Nino Rota, the Sherman Brothers, Basil Poledouris and Hans Zimmer in selections from 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'The Jungle Book', 'Star Wars' 'Gabriel's Oboe', 'King Kong' and 'Spider-man'.

    Tickets: #8, #5 (concs/staff), #2.50 (students/unwaged)


    Box Office: 0114 2 56 55 67 - Sheffield Arena Ticket Shop
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