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Do It Thissen: Exhibition of vinyl records, tapes & fanzines from Sheffield 78-82

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    Originally posted by e3sa934 View Post
    ... following on from that story, a chap contacted the paper to say that he had a first pressing Def Leppard EP (red labels, lyric insert), with fully signed picture sleeve ... So now we DO have some Def Lepp at the show
    Balance is restored.

    Hope it went well guys.

    Would have loved to have had the time to check this exhibition out as it looks great.


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      OK, here’ a few snaps of the stuff we had at the Do It Thissen exhibition. Just photos and descriptions at the moment, commentary to follow!

      We’d just about finished setting up, when in walks Simon Elliot-Kemp of (early) ClockDVA. This is part of the kit they were using in 1978-1979 – along with posters & unpublished band photos from that period

      Filling a space above a door (an area where apparently nothing should go, according to our ‘hanger’), a ‘supersized’ Human League sticker from 1978

      Here’s the original sign from the Crazy Daizy club, Sheffield. The Crazy Daizy was the place where, immediately post-breakup of The Human League mark 1, and with a tour looming and no band with which to tour, Phil Oakey espied two girls dancing and singing along to the disco sounds … and asked them to join the Human League! Lent by Mr Tim Allcard, former member of Pulp and all–round great guy

      The case below the sign contained bits & bobs from Mr Oakey’s archive, including his hand-written notes on how to operate & play the various synthesisers, patch boards, drum machines & sequencers which remained after Messrs Marsh & ware had departed the band

      Wall of artwork from 12”s & LPs

      Original poster advertising gigs at Sheffield University Now Society, 1978

      Original Martin Bedford poster for Leadmill benefit gig featuring Cabaret Voltaire/The Fall

      Wall of artwork from 7”s

      Wall of more artwork from 12”s & LPs

      Supersized ticket from I’m So Hollow’s final gig & case of raers & small items

      Supersized ticket

      This case contains Def Leppard’s first EP on Bludgeon Riffola: first pressing (red labels), with pic sleeve & lyric insert, fully signed by all original members at release. Also included: New Model Soldier EP with gold gatefold sleeve, Deaf Aids single with unreleased picture sleeve artwork (found in a Sheffield charity shop), UV PoP EP & Shy Tots EP, both in hand silk-screened sleeves. Also in this case, cassettes, badges & tickets from the 78-82 period

      Front covers of all 25 issues of Sheffield fanzineeNew Musickal Excess (variously known as NME/NMX) issued between February 1979 and September 1982

      Case of items lent by Stephen Singleton of Vice Versa/ABC, including his sketches for Neutron Records artwork for Vice Versa and ABC releases, early band flyers and original artwork for the famous ClockDVA logo; also a couple of Neutron Records cassette issues: Vice Verses ‘8 Aspects of’ and the Robonik EP (Yes! it does exist!)

      Early poster for Human League gigs/record & tour (1978)

      ‘Do It Thissen’ curtains & DJ setup
      OK: ready; let's do it ...

      >>> Hobbies Of Today - RU12 EP: Unreleased South Yorkshire Post-Glam/Proto-Punk from 1977 <<<


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        Coming in 2018 - Do It Thissen, the record label
        OK: ready; let's do it ...

        >>> Hobbies Of Today - RU12 EP: Unreleased South Yorkshire Post-Glam/Proto-Punk from 1977 <<<


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          Makes sense!
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