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22 Jan - DGCS pt. 31 & 45's of Fury Sweet Soul Edition w/Soulera5150

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  • 22 Jan - DGCS pt. 31 & 45's of Fury Sweet Soul Edition w/Soulera5150

    Please join me on, Wednesday 22nd January @ 2pm US PST (10pm UK time), for the first edition of the Divine Chord Gospel Show 2014, as well as a special edition 45's of Fury with my guest Soulera5150.

    For pt. 31, the gospel hour, we'll be pulling tunes that were big for us in 2013....45's and LP's that were so good, we're gonna pack 'em into one hour for a 60 minute recap. From hard funk cuts, sweet soul rola's and soulful dancers, to deep soul, modern soul and disco highlights. Tune in and see if you agree with the selection!

    For those of you that missed the 2 hour Xmas special show, here's the mixcloud link;

    Also, please feel free to explore and subscribe to our youtube channel featuring some of the choicest 45's to be played on the show.

    And my special guest for the 45's of Fury Sweet Soul Edition and first broadcast of 2014, is East LA's Queen of the turntables, Soulera5150.

    Soulera is part of The Southern Soulspinners, crew who've been putting on some of the best parties in LA over the last few years. The selection is always top flight, and always thriving to find that unheard or ultra elusive 45.....

    To give you a sneak peak into the kinda tunes she keeps in her crates, check out Soulera Fiftyonefifty's youtube channel here;

    Tune into and check out 2 hours worth of great music you might not have heard before.

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    Goin' live tomorrow!!