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Grant Fleming (Photographer and quite a bit more) Thursday, 6th February 2014 (Outlaws Yacht Club, Leeds)

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  • MPFlapp
    Quick bump on this one... may not be for everyone, but for those interested...

    Not the South American photography this time, but a South African selection - aim to catch this at the weekend having missed the Leeds one...

    Not at Outlaws this time, but at - in that there Big Smoke (London)

    Over view over here

    Video here

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  • MPFlapp
    quick bump... tomorrow night... opening then the conversation...

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  • Grant Fleming (Photographer and quite a bit more) Thursday, 6th February 2014 (Outlaws Yacht Club, Leeds)

    Again nothing to do with me but well worth highlighting for the conversation, photography (on display on the night) and creative adventures... not sure what they are putting in the water in Leeds, but it’s producing some top events… Chinwag: more rabbit than Morrison’s in the best sense possible ;-)

    In Conversation with: Grant Fleming (Photographer and quite a bit more)

    When: Thursday, 6th February 2014

    Where: Outlaws Yacht Club, 38 New York St, Leeds

    How much: Free I believe

    The big-up: Chinwag is an evening of easy going chat about life, creativity and whatever else comes up with creative thinkers and doers. I'm delighted to be welcoming iconic photographer Grant Fleming as part of his exhibtion '¡Hasta La Victoria! A photographic journey - the struggle for Central America 1988'

    You could no more describe Grant Fleming simply as “a photographer” any more than you could usefully describe any of the 120 countries he’s worked in simply as “a place.” It's this simple; If someone told you his story, you'd think they'd made it up and that they had an imagination in ADHD overdrive.

    Indeed, the outline of his forthcoming autobiography 'Who Let Him In?!' is just the start.....

    "I'm the son of a Canning Town docker and a shop-girl from Poplar and was schooled in Stratford in the shadows of where the Olympic stadium now stands.

    I'll be honest - not much was expected of me.

    But here's what I did anyway...

    Helped create Screamadelica

    Set up and ran the dance label at Creation - Signed the Sound of Shoom

    Lived in Cuba, Colombia, Argentina, Brasil, Mexico, Hollywood

    Partied with Timothy Leary

    Helped to convince Afghanistanis to turn opium fields into pomegranate crops

    Was Primal Scream's official photographer for 20 years

    Exhibited alongside Bowie, Iggy Pop, Townshend, McCartney for War Child

    As a musician supported The Jam, The Clash, Dexys when they went to no 1

    Owned and ran a dance music record company

    Owned and ran a band t-shirts/merchandising company

    Led the original Skinheads as a mascot on bank holiday at the coast, aged 10

    Stabbed in the Bernebau Madrid, chivved in the Paxton Road end Spurs

    Been a post boy, office junior, a cleaner, a tyre-stacker, a driver, worked the markets (street not stock) a knocker, worked on building sites, in the docks and filed papers in a Vat office, a thief, a scammer, a musician, a photographer, a film-maker

    Volunteered and worked for Medicins Sans Frontieres in Haiti, Colombia, Somalia

    Been to and had adventures in over 120 countries

    Been down the Nile and the Amazon, up the Himalayas and Andes

    'Took care' of the Jason Donovan overdose incident in the Viper rooms in LA at Kate Moss's 21st
    Took him to hospital, I felt responsible - I'd got him the drugs.
    Johnny Depp quote to me after, "You got balls man.."

    Helped put on the original acid house do's in the East End of London

    Keith Mooned a hotel in the Soviet Union and escaped the KGB

    Bunked school to see Ziggy Stardust

    Kidnapped in Panama City and northern Somalia

    Arrested too many times to remember, 13 convictions, county jail

    Jailed in Salt Lake City

    Fought in the struggle to bring down Apartheid

    Met Nelson Mandela in South Africa and personally thanked by him for helping to bring down apartheid

    Dodged bullets and bombs on the East Rand, El Salvador, Bogota, Rio, Palestine, Afghanistan, Johannesburg

    Photographed Reagan, Bush, Ortega, Noriega, Mandela, Tutu, Kinnock, Scargill, Blair, Han Sen, Castro, Arafat, Karzai, Ahmadinejad, the Queen

    Photographed Beckham, Weller, Oasis, Strummer, Jones, My Bloody Valentine, Lemmy, Redknapp, Maradona, Sir Geoff Hurst, Ronaldo, Romario, Gascoigne, Primal Scream, Chemical Bros, Manic Street Preachers, Death In Vegas, Annie Nightingale, Goldie, Rampling, Oakenfold, Weatherall, Farley, Sasha, Cox, Fatboy, Tong, Kate Moss, Roots Manuva, Usain Bolt, Winstone, The Stone Roses

    Been Stills photographer on 2 movies in London and New York

    Photographed Boca Juniors-River Plate, Celtic-Rangers, Allianza Lima-Universitario, West Ham-Millwall, Lazio-Roma

    Flown a Mig jet over Moscow

    Dived with sharks - not in a cage.

    Seen 4 solar eclipses

    Banned for life from the Venetian hotel, Las Vegas - for nicking a gondola.

    Pulled in for murder

    Fought the good fight against Thatcher and her establishment cronies on the miners strike, at wapping, for cnd and the nurses

    Named and co-founded the Inter City Firm

    Ace Face who led the Mod Revival in the late 70's

    Part of the first wave of thieves who hit europe for branded sports gear like Fila and Sergio Tacchini, thus contributing to the birth of the casual

    Spanish interpreter for a major hash running operation/ drug cartel through Morocco and Spain

    Directed a program for Channel 4

    Written a book

    Hooligan, raconteur, nuisance, pest, jibber, loyal companion, heart of gold/steel, nerves of steel, never-say-die, point man, wing man,

    Made video promos for Primal Scream, Roots Manuva, on dance music all over Latin America

    Directed, shot and edited a full-length feature documentary film on DJ Paul Oakenfold

    Played bass with goth legends Lords of the New Church and mod kings The Chords

    Toured the land and recorded with the Cockney Rejects

    Owned and ran a London evening newspaper pitch outside a station aged 12

    Played football at Wembley

    Worked in the docks

    Cavorted and caroused with lords and ladies, dignitaries and dancers, presidents, royalty, supermodels and superstars. Hookers, junkies, criminals and sewer rats, no aint no mountain high enough, aint no gutter low enough.

    Organised the legendary 'Great Ormond Street' party at Jam Studios London for a children's charity.

    Disappeared into the jungle on patrol with the FARC in Colombia

    Smuggled myself into Afghanistan via the khyber pass disguised as a local

    Saw The Faces aged 12, and my first run in with the police

    Sat on Bowie's knee aged 13

    Followed religiously The Jam, The Clash, Sham 69

    Tour managed Sham 69, Angelic Upstarts, superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold, Roots Manuva

    Played around in the fetish scene

    Never let it be said that my mother bred a coward. And also didn't he look great in heels! (Joke amongst friends)

    Been a drugger and hard drinker for 30 years without even acknowledging it and all the capers that entails

    Partied on every continent, danced in every major carnival of the world

    DJed around the world

    Ex-dealer and fervent advocate of Ecstasy

    Followed West Ham United and England home and away from the 60's to the current day

    Ran with the National Front and then fought fascism

    Covered voodoo, world cups, riots, conflict, carnivals

    A rock n roll wedding whilst on tour in New Orleans, married to a Finnish model & movie star

    Produced a stage set and show for Roots Manuva

    VJ producer for the House of Love

    Promoted and produced Screamadelica Live 20 years in Mexico City

    A witness on/to history - end of apartheid, hong kong handover, Arafat funeral, elections in Cambodia, Russia, Mexico, Egypt, Afghanistan

    Star of stage and screen - Arena "Tell us the Truth", "The Knockers", "Whatever happened to the Knockers", " Ibiza 90" "2 x 4", "Payback Season" and talking head on countless documentaries about music and football culture

    Spoke at Edinburgh TV conference, on bill with Janet Street-Porter and John McVicar

    Written for magazines

    Was photographer-at-large for Loaded during its heyday

    Written 2 feature screenplays;
    'London House' and 'The Knockers' ."

    Hosted by therapist Chris Madden, Chinwag invites you to lean in and listen to a conversation about life, creativity and anything else that comes up. Unlike a Q&A, this is an opportunity to get to know someone a bit better, hear a few of their tales, find out what makes them tick, share some insights and ask a few questions too.

    Held at the intimate Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds, Chinwag is a unique chance to explore the lives and minds of our inspiring guests.

    Chinwag in 2013 included sell out nights with Andrew Weatherall, legendary film-maker/DJ/cultural icon Don Letts, Creation Records head-honcho Alan McGee, celebrated artists Pete Fowler and Ian Tilton, best-selling author Bill Brewster, Eclectic dancefloor legen Justin Robertson, multi-million unit shifting rock band Spacehog, music genre-creating DJ Ease (Nightmares on Wax), acclaimed music writer/DJ Kris Needs.
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