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  • Disco Rough

    Disco Rough
    Friday 28th February 8pm to 3am
    97 Stoke Newington Road
    N16 8BX

    We draw for bullets from any genre and fire them at the heart of the dancefloor. New wave, rock n roll, krautrock, 60's garage and soul are forced together to create an unholy but righteous racket that will leave you shaken and happy. We play rough - this is Disco Rough.

    Franic (Guest DJ from The Wave Pictures)
    Taking a break from his day job as a bass player in Wave Pictures, Franic will take a walk on the wyld side and drop some real rock n roll on you. Fast and filthy or slow and sleazy this wave will carry you away.

    Lizatron (Resident DJ)
    She knows what's what and, for the moment at least, she's willing to to let you in on the secret. Twisting and turning through grimy guitars and screeching synths, Lizatron will take you with her if you can keep up, so strap yourself in and get ready for the ride.

    IdleRich (Warm up DJ)
    More world wide psychedelia from this hard working idler.

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    This Friday. See every single one of you there no doubt. I'm pretty sure there is nothing at all worth going to on that night.


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      Rough disco eh?
      some times play g+ with back noise,some times vg , super psyché juju lpfront sleeve is very nice vg back vg , but the top corne left is eating buy rats, ask for picture


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