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Justin Robertson (Musician/DJ/Artist) Wednesday, 1st April 2015 (Outlaws Yacht Club, Leeds)

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  • Justin Robertson (Musician/DJ/Artist) Wednesday, 1st April 2015 (Outlaws Yacht Club, Leeds)

    As ever nothing to do with me but another of Chris's nights that is well worth highlighting – Open and conversation two events for the price of one… can’t be bad given the tickets are free ;-)

    In Conversation with: Justin Robertson

    When: Wednesday, 1st April 2015 - Begins at approximately 6pm (Come Early)

    Where: Outlaws Yacht Club, 38 New York St, Leeds

    How Much: Free

    The big-up: Chinwag....a chat about life and whatever else comes up.

    Just when you think you know someone they offer up surprises which changes what you believe about them. We're delighted to be welcoming Justin Robertson for a chat about his 'Everything is Turbulence' exhibition of prints and oil paintings at Outlaws yacht Club which runs from April 1st until the 14th. To launch the exhibition Justin will join us on Wednesday 1st April at 6pm for a Chinwag about life and whatever else comes up...

    Following his acclaimed exhibition at London’s Neu Gallery, we are delighted to present a collection of works by celebrated DJ and recording artist Justin Robertson, an exploration into a fantastical world where the human mind is turned outwards searching for mystery in these prescriptive times rallying against the certainties of our scientific era, this collection celebrates the possibilities of the imagination, as well as touching on the two subjects all good art should... Death and Monsters.

    Having completed his latest long player, also titled ‘’ Everything Is Turbulence’’, the ever restless Robertson put aside his musical devices and took up his brushes , for a spot of artistic exorcism. A compliment and extension of his recorded work, this collection covers many of his main concerns and interests.

    Themes include magik, possession, the supernatural, fantastical creatures, the history of belief, irrationality, past times and cultures, uncertainty and alien lifeforms....Justin draws on a variety of influences from mid 20th century science fiction, dystopian literature, Stone Age cave painting, folk art, fantastical creatures from the medieval era through to the golden periods of Elizabethan and Jacobean exploration, the trashy covers of 60’s and 70’s sci-fi fiction, ancient Greek myth, a healthy reverence for the Hammer Horror series, in fact anywhere that imagination is allowed to explore beyond the known, to create its own vision of reality, a pallet of fear, mystery and wonder.

    Born, 1968, lives and works in London.

    Hosted by therapist Chris Madden, Chinwag invites you to lean in and listen to a conversation about life and anything else that comes up. Unlike a Q&A, this is an opportunity to get to know someone a bit better, hear a few of their tales, find out what makes them tick, share some insights and maybe ask a few questions too.

    Held at the intimate Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds, this is a unique event with limited capacity. Please arrive early, grab a seat, have your tea, have a drink, meet some mates, and enjoy an evening of insights.

    Chinwag supports MAP (Music and Arts Production) a Leeds based registered charity which delivers bespoke courses in art, design and music production for young people who have difficulties accessing mainstream education. Chinwag guests lend their services so we can support the amazing projects that MAP delivers. Please dig deep and donate whatever you can on the door.

    Tickets are FREE and available from
    "It's all just one big plastic hassle..." - Psych-Out

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    Forgot to mention the new Chinwag website - - all the fun and more in one place...
    "It's all just one big plastic hassle..." - Psych-Out


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      Quick bump - tomorrow...
      "It's all just one big plastic hassle..." - Psych-Out