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Androgynous Mind 9th July, Shacklewell Arms

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  • Androgynous Mind 9th July, Shacklewell Arms

    ANDROGYNOUS MIND moves away from International Women's Day and, for the first time (of many) it will start to celebrate women on any day of the year it damn well wants.

    With live-performances from girl bands (and fellow traveling boys) plus dj sets from Lizatron and Eleonore you know the place to be.


    Madonnatron - 4-piece, all female band who use their creepy voices and off-key off-beat riffs to deal with contentious subject matter in amazing and unexpected ways. As you can tell they are huge fans of eighties female megastar Cindy Lauper.

    ONE (WO)MAN DESTRUCTION SHOW - is exactly what it says. Except for the woman bit. Arguably. Raw and dirty rock n roll from the Fat White Family guitarist, Adam J Harmer. An amazing (and destructive) show that you won't want to miss.


    LIZATRON (Invisible City) has played all over London and guested regularly on Resonance FM. Lizatron has lots of experience from playing in Russia to UK and Germany. She runs East London's Invisible City club night together with Idle Rich. They are concentrating on a dark and playful mixture of post-punk and electronic music which has punters dancing until dawn. For those of you further afield you can hear their mixes at

    ELEONORE (Resonance FM) has been hosting the weekly "L'Alternative" on Resonance FM that is boradcasted every Wednesday from 7.30-8pm for the past two years, her journey through music and sounds from France, French speaking countries and other exotic places. She does DJ gigs here and there, has been seen lately entertaining the masses with Lizatron and trying out her latest home-made choreographies on international dance floors.

    ENTRY £5

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    If you've not seen One (Wo)Man Destruction Show you really should. I don't think I've ever seen anyone who can play the guitar and drums and harmonica at the same time before


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      The Shack is fast becoming my home away from home, now that I'm working in London ... and that looks like a belter of a line-up! Sadly I won't be able to attend, as I've got a ticket for King Gizzard at the Scala. There's a Digger's Dozen on that same night too I think ... and isn't there potentially going to be a Tube strike, as well?
      OK: ready; let's do it ...

      >>> Hobbies Of Today - RU12 EP: Unreleased South Yorkshire Post-Glam/Proto-Punk from 1977 <<<


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        Oh dear, I'd better not tell Liza about the competition or she will be worried.


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          This is tonight for those who dare to brave the tube strike...