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Wednesday 23rd March - DCGS pt. 57 & 'Time-Less'

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  • Wednesday 23rd March - DCGS pt. 57 & 'Time-Less'

    Please join me on, Wednesday 23rd March @ 2pm US PDT (9pm UK time...CLOCKS HAVE GONE FORWARD ONE HOURIN THE US, BUT NOT YET IN THE UK), for the next installment of the Divine Chord Gospel Show pt. 57, followed by another session of 'Time-Less'.

    I'll be rolling out a bag of goodies ranging from mid tempo soulful vocal 45's before headin to a slightly extended deep soul section.....loading up the harmonies and focusing on the sparse heavy beats. Rounding off this broadcast this month with be series of uptempo funk cuts getting their debut spin....many of which are targetted for dancefloor destruction.

    If you missed the last show, here's the archived mixcloud link;

    Also, please feel free to explore and subscribe to our youtube channel featuring some of the choicest 45's to be played on the show. We've just surpassed our 200th video, so please check it out and subscribe here;

    'Time-Less' is an infrequent broadcast, focusing on the beatscapes of 90’s club culture. Tracks that were forward thinking in production techniques, ground breaking in textures and time signatures but yet often forgotten. With the 2000’s came the advent of more powerful computers, easier accessibility to software and an ease to create at home; beatmakers of the 90’s had to either adapt or fall by the wayside. We’ll be unearthing some of the cream of the crop, that still relied on outboard gear, physical mixing desks and insane wired up patch bays to get the job done. With it came a certain warmth, particularly when it was arguably the last bastion of dance music to promote, press and present their music solely onto vinyl….it’s within these grooves that we’d like to celebrate with you a time in beat making. Join us as we spin the original format of what truly was a ‘Time-Less’ age.

    Check out a previous show right here;

    Thanks everyone and see you there!