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28th Sept; DCGS Soundclash Special w/guest DJ Tone B. Nimble

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  • 28th Sept; DCGS Soundclash Special w/guest DJ Tone B. Nimble

    Please join us on Wednesday 28th September at 2pm US PDT (10pm UK GMT) for the last in The Divine Chord Gospel Show Summer Soundclash Series of 2016.

    To round out the three back-to-back 2 hour special broadcasts, we've really pulled out the stops for you here. Representing Chicago USA

    Mr Tone B. Nimble aka Tony Fields

    If you like your soulin' rare with a modern twist, then you best not miss this broadcast. We pre-recorded this some time ago, and let's just say it's jam packed with fresh tunes and discoveries. A real 'notepad at the ready' session....believe. Get ready.....!

    Join us on 28th September @ 2pm US PDT (10pm UK GMT) for two hours of sweet sweet, modern soul rarities....the kinda stuff you won't have heard before.

    If you're of a forward thinking nature about your soul music, best be advised to sit in and lend an's a modern soul special, people!

    It's a two hour battle royal, as we share the diggers knowledge from the crate to your listening device.....right here.....via

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    OK, good music people....if you like your soulin' super rare with a modern twist and like to discover new music you might not have heard before, then tonight's the night you should tune into The Divine Chord Gospel Show on dublab. Joining me for the final show in a triumvirate of Summer Soundclashes, outta Chicago USA, Tone B. Nimble aka Tony Fields. The mans pedigree precedes him as he's known the world over as a collector with serious moves and the collection to back it up. Tune in at 2pm US PDT (10pm UK GMT) to sample two hours of the rareness, featuring 60 minutes worth of selections from your host, pitted against Mr Nimble. To ride the hype train a tad, you seriously don't wanna miss this's a modern soul banger of epic proportions and I'll guarantee it that you'll be adding to your ever expanding wants lists. Full tracklist will be available a few days after broadcast.