To celebrate All Hallows Eve (it's near enough!), Hellfire Video Club have dug deep in the catacombs for a gruesome and bewildering double-bill of 1980's HOMEMADE HORROR!
Celebrating the Home Video heroes and Cine Film Cineastes, our lead film is the remarkable 1989, Sam Raimi-produced, Super-8 opus "DEAD NEXT DOOR" (J.R. Bookwalter). It follows an elite squad of government-sanctioned zombie hunters as they attempt to quell the undead population, whilst doing battle with a doomsday cult who are actively championing the ghouls as a harbinger of the apocalypse! The scale of this film is dazzling considering the ultra-low budget, and the oozing, slimy DIY FX need to be seen to be believed.
Be sure to stick around for the second feature, a bizarre and dream-like low-budget gem from 1986 that fits neatly in the "mind-controlling tumour causes guy to commit visceral murders" genre.
One for the sickos as well as appreciators of fine outsider art. Our two main demographics...

Also plan to have physical copies of our 'Ween '16 mix to give out on the door!