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Anyone around Leeds this Sat who likes FUNKROCK?April 16th

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  • Anyone around Leeds this Sat who likes FUNKROCK?April 16th

    I'm having one of my usually debauched shindigs at the North Bar...Basically it's a great excuse for me and Mark Moss to play our new finds over the last few months...and get very...very..hic...drunnnk!!!The nights called YaDig(1967-1976)and the music policy is basically CountryFunk..Strange trippy Folk and of course FunkRock...We've been collecting this sort of stuff properly for the past 8 years so expect the music to be very fresh without even a sniff of a compilation in sight...the night starts at 8 and ends around's always PACKED so get there early and no excuses as it's FREE IN...

    I know it's a bit short notice but i didnt even think to post it up on the board plus i havent had much access to the internet lately mainly because my girlfriend has hogged the computer and so i'm now forced to sneak on at work....

    I'll post up a top ten of the night when i get time but it'd be great if any VV'ers could make it down...

    Did i mention that the North Bar has a fine selection of alchohol from around the world translation GOOD BEER...GOOD SPIRITS...
    Country be dyin like poor people do
    Hospitals be closing...doors to me and you (Lopazz - Blood)

    And here's some other stuff that i get up to...

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    yo is that Matt?

    Shep from Kudos here. How's oor Tracey treating ya? I've noted the orders still coming in so hopefully the feminine touch is working....hehehe.

    Anyway chap, I'm up in Leeds DJing at the Fav on 6th May, if your up for a few bevvies give me a shout. I'm meant to be staying at Mossy's gaff but have had neither sight nor sound of him lately. Give him a slap round the noggin if you see him!