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Evil Kitty May 20th with THE HEAVY live...

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  • Evil Kitty May 20th with THE HEAVY live...

    Live music time this Friday as Evil Kitty digs deep into the bedrock to bring you the debut Bristol performance from THE HEAVY. Already legends in Bath (and it's only 12 miles away!), THE HEAVY feature members of the fabulous ALPHA and rock harder than Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion fronted by Curtis Mayfield - and that's what they sound like too!

    Usual vinyl rubs from the Kitty DJs - Ian 'Daddy Ya Ya' Green, John 'BlowPop' Stapleton, Brig 'Z-Man', and Andy 'All kinds of weird French stuff you've never heard of' Jenks, and some big-screen psychedelic horror LSD action go-go visuals from The Touchables and Dracula AD 1972, courtesy of Brig's big old movie bag.

    here's what we'll be playing:

    freak funk
    sitar swirlers
    psychedelic northern soul
    turkish bangers
    hammond frenzy
    questionable prog
    groovy soundtracks
    blatant ska

    see you there!!
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.