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    Originally posted by SirSlim View Post
    Just on my 3rd play of this over the last 3 days of fittingly hot and sunny weather - as Babycart says above - possibly even better than volume 1! Back with more comments when I have more time. Thanks again IAN.
    My pleasure Sir S, glad your enjoying.


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      Originally posted by IAN View Post

      My pleasure Sir S, glad your enjoying.
      I'd said I would be back with more comment

      Loved the Tom Springfield version of "estrada do sol" - that flute especially. This version by Sylvia Telles is also wonderful:

      I've had that Robin Jones Lp for 30+ years now - but that track you included, I must have missed somehow - probably my track of the mix!

      Also loved the "dodgy" bossa version of "samba saravah" - had no idea there were any cover versions of this - any other good ones I wonder?

      Other top picks from me included the David & Marianne Dalmour & Harmony Grass cuts and the very Walter Wanderley like version of "oba oba".

      Oh and special shout to the Acker Bilk cut - you lot are turning me into a trad jazzer, though I think Acker may well have been deeply listening to the mighty Ike Quebec's "soul samba" lp to get that particular tone:

      I think I'll be playing this mix again tomorrow - thanks again IAN.


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        Cheers Sir S

        Lovely version indeed by Sylvia Telles, wonderful guitar work...never heard that before, but have always loved her voice since hearing her do Dindi on that Folklore e Bossa Nova LP (her only UK release I think?)

        I bypassed the Robin Jones track for quite a while too - I guess it's quite subtle compared to other more immediate stuff on the album.

        Thanks for naming a new mini sub genre - the dodgy bossa! There's definitely quite a few in this mix. I can't think of many covers of Samba Saravah...although I did recently come across this wonderful footage of Pierre Barouh singing it Baden Powell...

        That Ike Quebec cut is sumptious. Bilk must have been listening to that (came out one year before Bilk and Bossa)