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  • Sweepings from the cutting room floor

    From the Cutting Room Floor

    While putting together this year’s and last year’s swap CDs, quite a few tunes have fallen by the wayside. Sometimes they sound great, but don’t fit with the rest of the tracks at all. Other times it’s because I don’t want to repeat artists too much (I’ve normally got no problem breaking this apparently inviolable rule of the mix, but you have to draw a line). Then there are tunes that made the first, second and third cut but finally fell at the last fence. I’ve also included a couple of things that would never have gone on any swap, and are not likely to, but which I enjoy nonetheless.

    This isn’t a mix. I’ve put all these in a file which you can download and pick and mix as you like, if you like. The link is at the bottom of this post

    Airto & Flora – Liamba
    This one was rejected in favor of another from the same lp, but it’s a lovely bit of music with Hermeto Pascoal on harpsichord and Airto and Flora’s naive wordless singing.

    Glenda De Alba – Drume Negrita
    This one was too ‘souly’ for either mix, so I chose another. Glenda was a Cuban singer who made an lp for Zartos in Barcelona with a pretty spunky latin soul backing band, and here they tackle a Cuban lullaby in the style of Soulful Strut/Am I The Same Girl

    Enquanto a Tristeza Nao Vem – Quarteto Em Cy
    Gorgeous bossa, full of yearning saudade, and one of my favourite tunes by the girls, on which their tight harmonies are pretty much perfect . This might have made the cut in 2008 but I didn’t own it then.

    Fairuz – Ishar
    Lebanon’s biggest star with a small band and a meandering, lazy tune in one of those Arabian minor keys. The instrumental passages in this are wonderful, but so is Fairuz’s sensual, carefully enunciated and intricate vocal. Didn’t have room for this and it’s also a bit scratchy.

    Horst Krüger Septett – Die Allee
    Bought this just after this year’s CD was finalized and, to be honest, it wouldn’t have fit anyway. I do like this a lot, though, even though the strings are just a wee bit syrupy.

    Juancho Vargas y su Organo Sensacional – Imelda
    There was going to be more organ stuff on this year’s swap, but I cut it all out at the last minute. This is lounge cumbia on which Juancho and his sensational organ threaten to really start cooking at one point, but sadly don’t.

    Jackie Mittoo – The Snipper
    Sometimes a poor recording can enhance a tune, and the muffled, fuzzy sound of this dubbier version of Totally Together really works, I reckon. I really like the moment where the clavinet pops its head up, too.

    Joao Bosco – Ronca Da Cuica
    Another one which didn’t really fit, mainly because of the phased crowd noises at the beginning. Killer track, though, with Joao calling up a troupe of cuicas and joining in with them, and a terrific full orchestral chord to finish it off.

    Keni Burke – Day
    The summery section of the 2008 CD got too crowded to include this, but everything about this, from the acoustic guitar, to the electric piano solo and the orchestral arrangement, exudes sunkissed bliss.

    Los Pekenikes – Persepolis
    This was a submission for the sadly ill-fated Group Segs project, and comes from an ‘unofficial ‘ line up of the Pekenikes; but their commitment to innovative and hard-grooving instrumentals is still in evidence.

    Orchestre Du Bawobab – Isa Sul
    Baobab, as they came to be known, doing a ska-tinged workout with the great Barthélemy Attisso's spacey guitar soloing

    Orquesta Mirasol – To de ‘Re’ per a Mandolina i Clarinet
    Catalan latin/prog/fusión group with the introductory track to their Salsa Catalana lp. “It’s got a cuica and a berimbau in” is a fine excuse, but not good enough to save it from the brutal culling of 2008.

    Paula y Orquesta de Adolfo Waitzman – Salvaje Amor
    The A-side of Danza Del Sol on the 08 swap. This is where exotica meets erotica.

    Quinteto Instrumental de Musica Moderna –Habana
    Chamber jazz from Cuba featuring Frank Emilio Flynn on piano and the very fine percussionists Tata Guines and Guillermo Barreto

    Voces de España – You Tried To Warn Me
    Italian –penned (Piero Umiliani) theme for a Spanish film called Sweden. Warning: this is very, very catchy. Would have easily made the 08 swap, but I didn’t know about it then.

    Agaeb Al Rakasat El Sabaa
    Much as I enjoy listening to an Egyptian bloke noodling his pharaonic scales over what is probably the ‘light pop’ rhythm setting on a Farfisa organ, I didn’t really think it justified over four minutes on the swap. So here it is. All the words in the Roman alphabet on this lp, on the Sout El Hob label, are above

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    Great selection Shaun. Glad i've heard Glenda De Alba now, i remember you mentioning her lp some time ago and i saw a copy and did'nt grab it.
    Lots of stuff on here for me to track down and the De Alba lp is top of the list. Cheers


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      Originally posted by bobusan View Post
      Great selection Shaun. Glad i've heard Glenda De Alba now, i remember you mentioning her lp some time ago and i saw a copy and did'nt grab it.
      Lots of stuff on here for me to track down and the De Alba lp is top of the list. Cheers
      I've got a decent spare of this lp, Bob. PM me and I'm sure we can work something out