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  • 2009 in a nutshell

    Came too late to participate in the 09 Xmas Swap, but every year my friends & I put together CDs of stuff that has caught our fancies over the previous 12 months & swap them around.

    One of those pals this year was my good neighbour Peter Sundae who suggested that some of you lot might like it & that I should post it up.

    So here it is.

    Phil Tate- Countdown
    Ronnie Aldrich- Voodoo Moon
    Andreas Dorau Und Die Marinas- Fred Vom Jupiter
    the Free Pop Electronic Concept- Pish! Pishaw!
    Mae West- If You Gotta Go
    Yana- Climb Up the Wall
    Roy Hogsed- Snake Dance Boogie
    Lord Kitchener- My Saxophone
    Jacques Berrocal W Vince Taylor- Rock 'n' Roll Station
    Laurie Anderson- Time To Go
    Vogel with Ivor Cutler- Arschloch
    Henry Cow- Rapt in a Blanket
    The King Of Luxembourg- Poptones (edit)
    Cate Le Bon- Hollow Trees House Hounds
    After Dinner- Cymbals At Dawn
    Plastic Ono Band / Yoko Ono- Mind Holes
    John Renbourn- Sweet Potato
    Nina & Frederick- Listen To The Ocean
    Enchanted Forest- Suzanne
    The Soundcarriers- Let It Ride
    Hank Marvin- Chameleon
    Don Farndon- I'm Alive
    The Dells- Please Don't Change Me Now

    Not being a dyed in the wool vinyl purist, there's stuff ripped from CDs & MP3s in there as well but it's the music that matters innit?
    Gosh, golly that was a weird one. Have I got time to go and take some more acid?

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    Looks interesting mate, I'll download it when I get a chance. It looks like a good mix of stuff. What's the Hank Marvin from?
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      Hank Marvin track is from his first solo LP isn't it? from 68 or 69 I think.

      Looks like a great selection - will download shortly - thanks!
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        that first Hank Marvin LP is worth a listen. It'll be on the blog next week.

        selection looks cool plushpig - cheers


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          Yeah, I've got that first Marvin LP, just couldn't remember if that's where Chameleon is from. Its decent but its never quite clicked with me, to be honest.
          Mixes, compilations and the like