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    I started a series of articles/online radio broadcasts on European jazz. You can read the article and listen to the tracks here:

    This is the first of 3 articles, the following ones will be about Americans in Europe and Belgian jazz.
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    Cheers, Lander... So much to explore there...

    And looking forward to the Belgian jazz special !
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      European jazz n°2: Americans in Europe

      Part two in the European jazz series:


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        Part three is online now: Big jazz from little Belgium:


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          i don't get it, how can i listen to your selections?
          looks and reads excellent so far!
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            Hehe I know it's kinda weird if you don't follow the blog regularly. Laid Back is in fact an online radio station, and the selections are played in my show called 'Pulsations', which runs on the following hours:

            Monday: 6-7pm
            Tuesday: 10-11 am
            Thursday: 8-9 am
            Saturday: 10-11 pm
            Sunday: 11-12 am
            (Brussels time)

            But I'll probably mix them together and have them hosted on Laid Back's mixcloud page, so you can listen to them when you want.

            Glad to hear you like the article, I hope there aren't too many language errors in it.


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              All episodes can now be heard by clicking on the top picture in each article.