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Sultan Of Soul - April 2003

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  • Sultan Of Soul - April 2003

    The Dutch Rhythm Steel & Show Band - "Soul Steel & Show" - (Negram HJN 257)

    Dutch steel bands? Have I been spending too much time with me dutchy mates and now I've totally lost it? In my defence I can say this is the best steel band lp...EVER! Neil Youngs - 'Down by the river' covered by a steel band? gotta be good!! And it bloody well is! The toughest drums, funky rock in spades, steel bits going crazy - yep this is a bloody classic and worth the plane ticket to the 'dam.

    The rest of the lp is a mixture of not so bad covers 'Shaft' - 'Hey Joe' - 'Funky Stuff'...and original band numbers which sound like James Brown doing funk..but with Bobby Byrd given the night off and a steel band/rock band have stepped up. Its mad one minute the steel is being tinkled...then the funky axe is being kerranged like crazy. Awesome stuff.

    Zappatta Schmidt - "It's Gonna Get You" (President PTLS 1041)

    Mega thanks to John Stapleton for trading me this beauty! Wow - I nearly fell off my chair when he pulled this out of his bag. Cheers!

    My knowledge on this band is practically non-existent. Did these guys really exist as a band? Or were they just drafted in to cut this record. Its all very mysterious as the writing credits mainly to Eddy Grant (who also produced the lp) and there are no players listed. I'm no expert in Eddie's vocal talents...but is that him singing on this?? Sure kind of makes sense if it is.

    I would never associate Eddy Grant with heavy afro funk but thats the general slant of this lp - Heavy heavy organ funk that isn't so much about songs...more like grooves! Three of the tracks are over 8 minutes long so they are really jamming along here.

    Its hard to a fave track but 'Freedom' is possibly up there. It has a very long morose intro and then just drops into fuzz guitar that just rips into a funky rocker. Phew!

    The Underground All-Stars - "Extremely Heavy!" - (DOT)

    Rawwwwwwwk \m/

    Yeah! Another one of 'lord' Greg Belsons fave records was thrust into my palms a few weeks back. 'Your not having that' he said...maybe not ya cheeky bugger but the knowledge was certainly taken away with me!

    Some super searching on the 'net and I had this beast on the turntable quick as a flash. This is deffo up there with Black Velvet (see previous charts) and Power of Zeus for hard nosed garage rock killers. Some pretty good covers 'Louie, Louie'...but the killer is the mar-keys cover - 'Grab this thing'. The band really cut loose and find their black music influences on this one. Fast pased frenetic funky rock music baby. Hot!

    Christopher Gunning - "Goodbye Gemini OST" - (DJM Records SDJL-934118)

    Ive been after this score ever since the-E-man cheekily played it me a while back...I think spent the best part of a few months fondling the copy in a certain record dealers stall...luckily my bank balance was spared when the-E-man came up trumps with a spare copy! How he does it I'll never know!

    'Tell the world we're not in' kicks off with some super uptempo big band and pretty funky organs. Superbly played - the faintly las vegas-esque vocal slightly cramps the style on this one...but its still quite good.

    Mainly the rest of the OST is quite lush and is a mixture of orchestral band pieces.

    The killer is 'Houseboat Party No. 3', which is another superb slice of library style big band funk. This has got grooveeey baby written in big flashing lights while a carnaby chick go go dances all over it - Gotta love the crazy scat vocals on this too. If you find this cheap then jump on it!

    Joel Kaye & His New York Neophonic Orchestra S/T - (Parmount PAS 6086)

    I'm no expert on orchestral terms but as I understand, a neophonic orchestra was a move linking jazz and classical orchestral ideas.

    The opening bars of '2001' immediately jump out at you and make you think this record could be a bit special. Tight funky bass, chunky drums and the familiar horn lines of the space odyssey classic make this a super funked up version. The scratchy guitars also add to the vibe...and also the icing on the cake.

    Most of the lp is similar sounding tight band funk that really does hit the spot. The cover of 'spinning wheel' should have been the lp's greatest moment...sadly it doesn't hit the mark this time. A great shame but still a really nice lp and a very cheap find. More props to Greg Belson for the tip!

    Enigmatic S/T - (Muza SXL 0710)

    This is one of my top top euro finds of the moment! It cost me about 3 quid and its superb!

    Im not even going to list the song names because they are bloody long and all polish or whatever. All you need to know is that theres nearly a 10 minute psych hammond/jazz/fusion the sink thrown in jam that totally blew my ears off when I first heard it.

    Buy *ALL* these up now for peanuts and laugh at the mugs paying 50 sheets off it from some 'dealer in a few months!

    Naked Angels OST - (RCA 1916)

    I was *ahem* drawn to this lp by the rather interesting cover art. Well I was rather glad bikeploitation is so sleazy as I stumbled on a bit of a gem.

    The 'Naked angels theme' certainly conjures up imagery of crazy bikes ravaging women and causing kids to cry! Lovely chunky fuzzy rock with a really nice drums. 'Ride into vegas' sadly isn't a big band number but a very short sweet hammond piece that really hits the spot. Shame it isn't longer. My fave on the first side is 'Cop out' - more driving funky rock with really nice choppy wah wah and more chunky drumming. 'Rank' finished off side 1 with a cool funky break and more fast paced hammond action. Again its short but very cool.

    Loads more funky rock bits to explore on this very good OST. One you see for a fiver or £50! So get hunting on this us cheapie internet sites!

    Sir Douglas Quintent +2 - "Honky Blues" - (SMASH SRS 671 08)

    Another new one on me...and another trade with 'Lord' Belson netted me this fine lp...According to the borderlinebooks website, this band seems to have changed lineup more times then I've seen police cars in Hackney...and believe me thats a fair few!

    Anyways - if they play could music then thats all good! Generally its a pretty good lp - obviously with a blues bias. 'Are inlaws really outlaws'...vocally sounds nonsensical in parts but its all pretty good. Huuuuge drum samples and the white man doing funky rock really give this one a bit of a swing.

    You have to filp over for 'Can you dig my vibrations' for another big drums filled excursion! This is skanking chunky blues rock - I'm loving this baby! 'You never get too big...' keeps up the vibe and picks the tempo up to create a nice groover.

    Circus Maximus S/T - (Vanguard VRS-9260)

    More psychy moddy nonsense to share with you all this month! It's got quite a west coast hippie feel (rather like little john) it worthy of your time and money?

    I would actually say not at all. Its not bad per se but its all a bit samey folky pop rock. The upbeat numbers are quite cool but they never really kick it so no club play could ever come out of this. The more reflective moments again are quite good but they never really hit the mark. Shame.

    Keef Hartley Band - "Halfbreed" (Deram DES 18024)

    I had heard about the Hartley band lps but I had never ever taken plunge...until I caught this lp in a trade. Its a shame because I think I've been missing out all this time. I think the band fall in the blues side of rock, with keef on drums and leader role...

    'The Halfbreed' is a pretty good slice of fusion rock, which is made even better by some excellent organ grinding by Peter Dines. The song is built up by him just attacking the organ and building up the pressure cooker - Nice stuff. 'Leavin' Trunk' is straight ahead blues but with a nice (if slightly repetitive) guitar riff - also nice organ work. 'Think it over' picks up the tempo a little and is a very cool psychedilic workout - light organ stabs and some excellent guitar work really create a pretty wigged out jam. Some nice stuff here so go seek out!
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    i really dig the keef hartley band! they did some nice stuff, especially the "time is near" lp in my opinion. never listened to "halfbreed".
    that gory record with the hand, flesh and blood really made me curious!
    never heard about "Zappatta Schmidt". Do you have any audio files of it?
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      Never mind soundfiles, what about a new chart? That one's nearly 2 years old. Not got any new records since then, eh???
      Club stuff:




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        Originally posted by The Divine One
        Never mind soundfiles, what about a new chart? That one's nearly 2 years old. Not got any new records since then, eh???
        How's about one from you Mr D? With your turnover you could do one a week
        "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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          That was the first of my archived charts. Im going backwards.
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