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  • In the Earth - Roots, Culture and Dub

    Now that I can once again easily rip tracks it is my intention to produce a lot more charts and discs. Plenty in production but this is the first out the door. Inspired by a couple of recent finds, I have revisited a few of my favourite roots and culture LPs, many of which originally surfaced in Birmingham charity shops over the last few years.

    Where possible I have uploaded the tracks to Sound Cloud but it automatically blocked a couple; but never mind the whole set is available on a disc with a nice cover. Just PM me with your address if you would like a copy. I will probably limit it to 25 so first come first served.

    Bim Sherman - Revolution
    (Across The Red Sea - On U Sound)

    One of the recent finds that has prompted this mini-chart. Perhaps a bit dub-by-numbers, but then when the numbers are this good. Great voice, straight to the heart.

    Sceptre - Pestilence and Bombing
    (Essence of Redemption - Gray Diamond)

    I think this is the only record I have put up as a find (quite a few years ago) that has prompted an unsolicited offer of purchase from someone who has searched it on the internet. Hard to get hold of I believe. Didn't let it go. Love this record.

    Linton Haughton - East of Handsworth
    (12" - Shield)

    Dead rare local 12". Not sure if Mr. Haughton did anything else, I'd love to know.

    Singers and Players - African Blood
    (Staggering Heights - On U Sound)

    No sharing available on this one. Classic dub revival.

    Jah Warriors - Western Civilisation
    Jah Warriors - Nowhere To Go
    (Poor Man's Story - Vista Sounds)

    Two from this very sought after LP by UK roots collective, Bristol based I think. Found this in the pound box of a local record fair.

    Ras Michael and The Sons of Nagus - Truth and Right
    (Rastafari - Grounation)

    No sharing on this one, sorry. An exclusive to those who get the disc. Gospel soul inflections, piano, horns and very squiggly guitar sounds

    Norman Grant, Twinkle Brothers, Jah Shaka - Garvey Dub
    (The Right Way - King of The Zulus)

    Rattly, spooky dub from the mysterious Mr. Shaka.

    Misty in Roots - Live Up
    (Wise and Foolish - People Unite)

    From their 2nd LP. Lovely horn refrains.

    Steel Pulse - Bad Man
    (Handsworth Revolution - Island)

    Earthy track from debut LP by local favourites. Melodic and a big post-Marley sound with little bit of a skank beat inside. They headlined the Birmingham Artsfest concert a few years back. Big crowd.

    At first I bought records, then I started to collect records; now I merely accumulate records.

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    All lovely stuff. I love a shuffle thro' my old On-U-Sound records every now and again - put out some good stuff over the years...
    If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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      Jah Shaka did a dub of a load of Burning spear tracks, one of which appeared on this Island comp some years ago, I have a copy of the dub LP somewhere, bought from the late great George Price's Peckings shop back when
      I used to buy a fair few roots LP's from there. Lovely shop.
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