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    Love the VV-charts. Great way to find out about cool albums and artists. Here's a contribution from me then, as a thanks for all the ones I've read. These are 10 of the albums I'm most excited about finding in a flea market or thrift shop ever - so the quality's quite high. Not necessarily the best ones or the most rare - but the ones that made me the happiest.

    101 Strings and Nelson Riddle - Spectacular Brass!!! Fantastic Reeds!!!
    Found this in a thriftstore / antique bookstore, and it was better than expected. Definitely closer to jazz than elevator music. And the people at Alshire seem aware of the higher quality too - quote from liner notes: "This is one of the few albums even the boys in the band buy!!!".

    Afric Simone - Ramaya
    First found the 7" - which led to incidents of drunk people banging on my door in the middle of the night screaming "We want Ramaya, we want Ramaya". It's a real party-song. A friend told me there was an LP too - so I started looking. Two years later I found a copy, and two more years later I'd found 2 other albums that are just as fun. African music mixed with rock and German-style easy listening. Simone has a weird vocal style, making funny noises with his mouth, like rolling "r"-sounds and more. Great and incredibly fun.

    Doctor Ross - Doctor Ross
    He looks like a maniac on the cover and there's a song called Bad Whiskey, Bad Women so I knew this had to be good blues when I saw it - and I was right. A man, his guitar, his bassdrum and his harmonica (or sometimes a kazoo!), just as it should be. Raw and dirty. I especially like an instrumental track where he works himself to frenzy.

    Gene Rains Group, the - Far Across the Sea
    Found this in a barn way out in the Swedish countryside. God knows how a near mint copy turned up there. Great dreamy exotica with lots of vibes, and subtle percussion in the background.

    Jacques Loussier - Pulsion
    French jazz. Sort of avantgarde music with just piano and a drumkit. The drums are played very funky and it's melodic but not exactly easy listening. Cool stripped sound and lots of drumbreaks. Very good. Apparently Loussier has sued Eminem nowadays for stealing from this record... but who cares about eminem?

    Jun Togawa - Suki-Suki-Daisuki
    Japanese new wave pop-music with female vocals, a bit blip-bloppy at times. Overall very nice and harmless music that instantly brings a smile to your face. Very good.

    L. Ron Hubbard - Space Jazz
    Music composed by the Scientology founder, as a soundtrack to his science fiction novel Battlefield Earth. Not very jazzy, rather quite cheesy electronic pop music with incredibly silly lyrics, "Get your wapon ready, the enemy is deadly, wait to see if Jonnie, fires fast and steady."

    Mike Melvoin - Keys to Your Mind
    By the man behind "The Plastic Cow goes Mooooooog". Mike mainly plays piano on this one, but it's very good anyway and has some ondioline thrown in for effect. Great quality easy listening, many uptempo songs, the best being a wild version of Paperback Writer.

    Staff Carpenborg and the Electric Corona - Fantastic Party
    Heard this one at a friends' and instantly started looking for it - when I finally found a copy it was 5 years later and I forgot I was looking for it. So what the hell is this? A parody on krautrock? A really bad attempt to cash in on krautrock? Drunk studio musicians fooling around? Whatever it is, it's bound to make your party FANTASTIC - maybe not as in good, but as in weird. Long jammy songs, not very well played at all, maybe they didn't rehearse or maybe they try to sound like they didn't rehearse. Loads of weird echo effects and other strange sounds. Totally nuts and absolutely superior in that league.

    Yma Sumac - Voice of the Xtabay
    Also includes Inca Taqui and thereby compiles the first two 10" releases on one nice LP. This is absolutely fantastic - exotic inspired orchestral music based on abstract and surreal vocals by Yma and her outstanding voice that ranges many octaves. Incredibly cool and totally unique.

    not many pics, sorry, just ripped 3 off the net to make it a little bit more colourful
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