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  • Gangsteurs paradisea gfunk chart

    i been listening to loads of gangsteur rap so i thought i'd make a little chart of some of my favourite bits!
    hope you enjoy but if you are offended by sweary words you should probbly give it a miss.
    2 tunes wont upload but i'll try fix them later

    1)AL D- No Way Out
    i start the chart with this screwed effort from the originator of the style dj screw.this song from his 3 n the morning mix showcases slowed g funk synth lines and screw's technique of playing 2 or 3 songs over the top of each other which makes the sound super gloopy.

    2)5th Ward Boyz-All The Same
    another chopped and screwed remix though i doubt this one was done by screw.i have the normal version but for some reason i just prefer this one.mebbes it's the phazing in the chorus.

    3)B.G Knocc out amp Dresta Gangsta-50 50 luv.
    One of those reminisce songs where the 2 brother's lament how the hood has changed for the the flows and beat!was hard to choose just one song from these 2 as they got some other real good songs too.

    4)Battlecat and beefy loc-ain't no thang
    Battlecat has produced a lot of beats over the years but his style is usually a bit smooth for my tastes.this however hits the spot!the emcee ain't no slouch either.

    5)Bloods and crips-g's and locs
    various crip and blood gang members slag each others rival gangs over a sinister pfunk beat.

    6)Dazzie Dee-When A G Meets A Gstress
    a heartwarming song about the mutual respect a gangsteur and his gangstress feel for each other <3 nice beat and the female emcee squeak comes with a super gully flow.

    7)DMG feat. 2 Low, Scarface, Big Mike, Lord 3-2 & 5th Ward Boyz-buck em down
    down south to texas where you can't fail with a posse cut with skullsnaps and funky worm.

    8)I Smooth 7-Sets In Da West
    damn the last mc comes with one of the most thoughtful verses I have ever heard from a west coast gangster rappeur.

    9)Kausion-sewed up
    the beat doesn't sound wack to me but the mc's definitely make it better cos the flows and delivery are on some other level.

    10)Poppa LQ-Everybody Wants 2 B A G
    laidback production and flows.the second mc sounds like a west coast grand pubah.

    11)spice 1-i'm the fucking murderer
    couldn't have a gfunk chart withought bay area legend spice 1.i picked this song cos the of the sinister beat and spice's stuttery flow from the 2nd verse on.

    12)The Almighty R.S.O.-Thought You Knew
    boston may not be known for it's g-funk but this tune/crew definitely fits.

    13)Tweedy bird loc-stupid shit
    Tweedy takes a break and lets his crew stretch out on this posse cut.

    14)Tweedy bird loc-What's Really Goin On
    Tweedy was just resting so he could slag off easy e,ren,dre,tim dog and all of the south bronx in spectacular fashion.

    15)Watts Gangstas-Stay A True
    another sinister g-funk jobbie with 2 tongue twisting emcee's tho one is obviously better than the other.

    16)2nd II None-Kant Wait To Do This
    always loved that blackbyrds loop so this was a no-brainer especially with the extra synth lines they've added in the chorus

    also feel free to add anymore obscurish g funk nuggets!

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    Splendid. I can't wait to get these back to the crib and crank them.

    Bloods and crips-g's and locs
    I've always sat on the fence in the crips v bloods feud, maybe siding slightly with the crips on the tenuous grounds that they share Leicester City's colours. Hopefully this will help me make up my mind.
    I also like the word 'gangstress" which appears above.