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  • Vanilla Beans rulz.


    • Slightly belated Halloween-ish post

      Kyary Pamyu Pamyu dressed up as Tim Burton's Corpse Bride & went to a party with Tim Burton...

      Currently baffling me is Idol unit Ayaman Japan they've had one super annoying single out that I can tell called "Poipoipoipopoipoipopi" which for what it's worth has had enough cultural reach to have been covered by UK grime crew Roll Deep. They seem to be the Idol version of the Macc Lads which is something that probably shouldn't exist, anyway they did a gig in their Doreamon halloween costumes notable for the excellently rubbish outfit worn by leader Aya

      compare & contrast



      Nailed it!

      They're are a independent collective of up to 100 troublesome nutcases but only three core members ever seem to appear in the media, they've have recently styled themselves as some sort of corporation with leader Aya dressing as an old businessman & have a great corporate style website that makes absolutely no sense at all.

      One site explains:
      Even though they are pretty, the girls tell dirty jokes and behave in a manner that Japanese women generally don’t do in public. Some people think they are fun, while others get offended by their actions.
      This seems to mainly manifest itself as suggestively wanking microphones, humping random people & things in the street, Aya making the most of her Gene Simmons-ish tongue & some weird stuff that I'm at a loss to understand.

      Have a look at Poipoipoipopoipoipopi if you want, it's weapons grade annoying & nsfw but they seem to be having fun and the last thing you could call them is boring. They could do something interesting now BiS are no more in the future so I'll report back if that happens.

      In other news Vanilla Beans tweeted this to mark 45 days till their gig at the Liquid Room...

      I want to go so bad.


      • Hey I just noticed this thread's gone over 40,000 views.

        Here's a picture of Momoiro Clover Z with Kiss to celebrate.

        apparently they're collaborating on a new single hahaha.


        • I have to blame / thank you Striker for my first live experience of J-pop. Last week Perfume (who are I gather are rather big over in Japan) performed at Hammersmith Apollo...... and they definitely blew any Kate Bush cobwebs away! A very strange affair - the fans were a right old mix of Japanese and European, young and old. Everyone it seems new all the words to every song (except me of course) - but mostly it was about the dance moves - these girls can certainly throw synchronized shapes.... and most of the audience followed suit karaoke style.

          The staging and projected graphics were pretty good - all very techno-futuristic graphics and lasers. The songs were techno dance pop - simple on the outside and complex on the inside. The few translated lyrics that were projected on screen, were plain bonkers - existential expressions of the futility of love........ and chocolate disco...... and spaceships.

          What made it all the more odd was the 15 minutes of surreal banter. The show stopped, the lights came up and the band came front stage to chat. Roping in a guy who struggled to translate we had 10 minutes discussion about where the band should eat after the show. Nandos was the overwhelming favourite from the audience. This was followed by a strange complaint about the sun visors in London cars not being fit for purpose as they don't stop the sun from blinding our three pop stars. Chat finished and it was suddenly on with the choreographed show. Is this a normal J-pop live occurrence?

          Anyway - I was swept along by the sheer optimism and positivity of it all (despite the strange lyrics) and the evident love from the enthusistic audience to their stars. The music was simplistic - basically effective techno dance tracks - but had moments of power (the producer of all their music apparently does darker ambient techno stuff, but I can't remember his name). The choreography was quirky and sharp - and the three singer / dancers delightfully kooky and sweet.

          I have never seen so much merchandising sold - bags of the stuff (yes I do have a very fetching lilac T-shirt to wear to the next VG+ gathering).... so - thanks for alerting me to check this stuff out - I'm bemused, entertained and certainly intrigued to check out more!

          The videos don't do it justice really (though someone did post one up here I think that was good) - but this one gets something of the energy across:

          (It did remind me of a very different kind of Japanese all girl band I saw a few times a few years ago now - Afrirampo - now they were truly deranged!)

          http://<a href="http://s105.photobuc...&#91;/IMG]</a>
          "Ridicule is nothing to be scared of"



          • Excellent stuff Pitch, nice to hear them not acting like normal pop stars, haven't a clue what they were up to with the chat interval but personal connection between artist & fan is a big thing so I guess that must have been the thinking behind it.

            Perfume are super slick & always kill it with the dance moves but I prefer things a bit more chaotic & rough around the edges, Ariframpo look amazing thanks for the tip.

            It's only really Perfume & Kyary that make it over here on tour, the international audiences are super obsessive, I love that people do the dance routines over here (France especially loves this stuff) which is great but it always makes me nervous about engaging with other fans on forums & stuff cos I think my scattershot approach to J-pop will be seriously frowned upon as I don't know routines & only own one version of singles instead of all the multiple limited editions (I'm half joking, I bet they're alright really, but I'm still scared) Merchandise is well hard to get hold of in general, every band seems to do towels for some reason and the bigger bands have things like coloured led wristbands which correspond to the part of the arena you're in & are connected to the main light show controller but yeah they sell allsorts of guff that I irrationally must own & can't buy.

            The HyperJapan event thing's been on in London this weekend, been thinking of making the trip down to one of them, I might try & convince them to let me DJ at something. I'll definitely try and make the next Kyary tour when it hits London, It's called "Colourful Panic Toy Box", couldn't have put it better myself.


            • Julie Watai has launched her website, detailing all the stuff she gets up to. She gets up to a lot, Photographer, 3 bands & counting, model, DJ, electronics enthusiast so it's easy to miss stuff & handy to have it all gathered in one place.

              She's a great photographer, mostly shooting Gravure Idol girls in robot bikinis lounging around in server farms and there's a lot of her work on the site so maybe NSFW but there's nothing really rude on there.

              So in the music section (which was totally the first section I went to) I found this great thing "L.E.D. Nation", a collaboration with "chiptune pioneer" Hally from all the way back in 2009. Two and a bit minutes of inspired pop with a handheld console synth solo at the end, instrumentally chiptunes can sometimes leave me a bit cold but I love this, and now must own the E.P.

              JulieHally - "L.E.D. Nation"

              There's a trailer for the new Capsule album "Wave Runner", long time producer of Perfume & Kyary, this is showing how they made the sleeve artwork, which is great but the main reason I'm posting this is because it features possibly the coolest safety helmets I've ever seen.

              And not music related but this is the best thing I've seen all week.

              "3 Seconds Cooking Detonation Velocity Fried Shrimp"


              • I just found the JulieHally EP on iTunes of all places, 2 tracks, 99p each the other one "Casual Reset" is great too, if possibly seizure inducing. BARGAIN!


                • The Suzan have been in Japan promoting the Mike Nogami documentary about them

                  I wish they'd release some new music, nothing since 2010 FOUR YEARS, it's killing me! Looks like they're a three piece now, I noticed they've got the Home 45 on the merch table, tried to buy it from the Fools Gold website cos that's the only place that sells it but the postage was so high the site must have been bust & they weren't responding to emails, if they ever come to the UK I'm buying one of everything.


                  • And there's this great thing, thanks to the goldmine of JPop knowledge Patrick St.Michael

                    Suiyoubi No Campanella - "Momotaro"


                    • I've mostly been disparaging about the genre known as City Pop, ultra slick 80s production, gated reverb & soft focus ahoy, no doubt there's some gems to be found but it's all a bit too Kenny G for my tastes, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that I quite like City Pop influenced Idol unit Especia.

                      Strictly speaking the genre definition they have aligned themselves to is Vaporwave, which contains elements of City Pop but casts it's net a bit further into the slick 80s Muzak waters, I'd probably describe it as Chillwave but more structured. Their producer Yuki Yokoyama says:

                      Vaporwave samples a lot of Muzak, but what you hear at grocery stores is usually Muzak versions of pop. So I was imagining Especia as being mainstream enough to be played in supermarkets.

                      Especia - "No1 Sweeper"

                      Especia - "Adventure In Silver"


                      • Downloaded the Suiyoubi No Campanella mini album, It's a little slicker than the type of sound that I usually go for but the vocals give it an edge that brings it round & I'm really enjoying it, reminds me a little of Debut-era Bjork, this video's great too.


                        • And another excellent video from the "And Take Me To Onigashima" mini LP from Suiyoubi No Campanella released today, one of my favourite tracks off it too.


                          • New video from Model Loosen! this time their inspiration is NY no wave electronic pioneers Suicide... because of course it is.

                            The new EPs called "SUImin CIty DEstroyer". You see what they did there

                            You might only hear stylistic shades of Suicide running through this track, usually on these new wave inspired EPs that Model Loosen! do, they have a song that's pretty faithful to the original sound and each subsequent track becomes more Idol-pop style until it leaves you with the final track of pure pop wrapped around a weird core. It's an interesting sonic experiment that I think has enough depth for someone into music theory could get some mileage out of.

                            This sounds like it's maybe second or third track along of four if they're going with the above structure again, I'm totally getting this, the packaging is excellent on these and the collector in me will be sad if I don't get them all.

                            "Sleepy City Vs Reading Diary"


                            • Well, the planets have aligned and the dark lord of corporate satanism has issued forth the Momoclo/Kiss video

                              It's great, minimal Simmons means it's more of a Momoclo track which is fine by me. Well put together with great hooks & a superb video.

                              There's even an extra video explaining who MCZ are for Kiss fans which is awkwardly funny & feels more like a shareholders report
                              We are collaborating with these Japanese teenagers because HOLYCRAPLOOKHOWMANYFANSTHEYHAVEWEREGONNABESLIGHTLY RICHER


                              • great to see this thread still cooking - sorry, just watched the shrimp clip, genius. checking out The Suzan too.

                                and as for sampling muzak? cor.

                                that's perked me up no end. cheers once again.