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  • Nice one AlanP! loads of great stuff has been coming out so far in January.

    This one certainly blew away my cobwebs.
    0.8 Seconds & Shock: "Arishima Machine Gun"

    Don't know much about this lot but they have a song called "Brian Eno" so they're alright by me.
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    • Yowser. That's an incredible song and video. I love the spoken word bit and the flute(?). I suppose it's wishful to think there might be a 7"?

      Congrats on the incredible views this thread has got - you should write a book on it!
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      • Cheers Eine, If I had my way it'd be on a 7", these guys are CD only, got a copy of this EP heading towards me as we speak. I've still got plans to try and launch a 7" series of some of this but the language barrier/lack of funds/knowledge is a tough hurdle for me, I've spoke to a couple of people who may be able to help with contacts & stuff but it's gone a bit radio silent lately, I might start rattling some cages again.

        I'm a little surprised at how popular this thread has been, it's been a really helpful tool for me to keep track of stuff that's come out and have all the info in one place, I'm not confident enough in my knowledge of this stuff to try & write anything too serious about it, I'm more of an enthusiastic signal booster. I think it's a really interesting time for Japanese pop at the moment, I just hope that it continues to grow in the odd, brilliantly creative but still quite amateurish way that it has been rather than getting the life polished out of it, there's a real DIY vibe about a lot of this stuff that I think makes it quite unique.


        • Nice one, I'd buy those records! Friends of mine run an English-Japanese clothes label, where all the clothes are made here and sold there. They have a Japanese business guy who sorts it out. They'd be happy to talk practicalities I'm sure!
          Spirit Duplicator—collectable, charming, affordable... and also socially networked on FB / Twitter / Instagram.


          • That'd be super helpful, thanks eine.

            The new Seiko Oomori CD "Sennou" (Brainwashing) arrived today

            As expected for her major label Debut it's different from the largely acoustic experimental folk-pop predecessors, she starts in with the recent singles which are all big pop productions but there's more than enough simmering weird vibes to keep it interesting. Some of it's a bit too pop for me but I'm going to give it some time, it seems to get stranger as you get further in, the last track is my favourite so far "Bonus Super Free Pop", it' s an excellent 6 minute Hawaiian Shibuya-Kei that morphs into Krautrock/Jazz/pop with supernatural witch-style vocals.

            Here's an odd video of one of the other tracks I really like, odd because it's Megumi Koshoji from BiS miming while eating corn.

            Seiko Oomori: "I Interesting Absolutely Interesting Perhaps"
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            • Slightly off topic but this dude Colin Marshall has done a 2 part mix of Japanese 80s funk and it's great.

              Sweet 80s neon vibes, all shark skin suits & fold up sunglasses.

              Also latest entry in Moomin Watch: Here's a picture of Reni from Momoiro Clover Z dressed as Snuffkin from The Moomins on some game show.


              • Nnnnnnggg! I just heard the new Vanilla Beans album "IV" has got a cover of Belle & Sebastian's "Funny Little Frog" on it.


                • Jpop mix on the Tom Ravenscroft show on 6music (presented by Jon Hillcock) from the French pop group The Dø skip to 2:35:00 to get straight in.

                  Kicks off with what sounds like Akira soundtrack, it's not strictly JPop more Japan influenced, it's even got Yamasuki on it (I'll totally let them off though cos it's French & great), it's very 6music friendly, sounds a lot hipper than my shit, but great to hear someone else's take on JPop all the same. I'm totally gonna spam the shit out of them when I finally put some mixes on mixcloud I'd make a great tour support DJ.


                  • There's a storm a'comin'...

                    Male idol group Rats & Star are to do a big televisual extravaganza on Fuji TV featuring a performance with Momoiro Clover Z.

                    What's up with that?

                    Well, this is what R&S look like...

                    and yes, that's Momoiro Clover Z busting out the shoe polish & joining them.

                    RACISM ALERT!

                    R&S have been doing this shit since 1980, even getting an album cover designed by Andy Warhol and for what it's worth this all seems to come from a deep love of black music, albeit wrapped up in a culturally tone deaf package of unbelievable-in-this-day-&-age insensitivity. Anyone with a bit of critical thinking (and an understanding of what life was like before the internet) can see how an act like this would come into existence, but to be considered fodder for a TV special in 2015 being cosigned by one of the biggest bands in the country is depressing.

                    I hope that the people on Momoclo's team who have agreed to this can reconsider & get the performance shitcanned, by doing things like making their albums available on iTunes internationally/working with KISS, they are increasingly looking to spread their wings globally like KPP, Perfume & Babymetal, this performance would kill that and I can't believe there's nobody working for them that can see that far beyond local borders, shit, I'd do that job for them for free.

                    So far nothing's been said by Fuji TV or Momoclo, who cancelled a press conference after the above pic was tweeted & quickly removed by R&S after it kicked off, so they know something's fucked up with about a month to go, there's a petition (duh!) which I've signed, because Momoclo are a great band who at their best make interesting complex pop music that often borders on genius and the girls as performers and the writers & artists they work with deserve to be looked after much better than this.

                    Of course there's many, many layers to this, so let's see what happens.

                    Hey, but I'm all about learning & forgiveness when it comes to cultural faux-pas, it's the only way we can avoid the doom of our entire civilisation.

                    But this is why male idol groups are shit, always fu**ing ruin everything :/


                    • Well no updates on the above, hopefully it's been canned and everyone's had a good think about cultural sensitivity.

                      I got a delivery of the new Vanilla Beans album Vanilla Beans IV which hops back & forth over the line of sublime genius & joyous cornballery finishing with an excellent version of Belle & Sebastian's "Funny Little Frog"
                      Two more Model Loosen! tribute EPs the Suicide one SUImin CIty DEstroyer & HAKO Melt More which is the shoegazy one , both have great stuff on.

                      I might be a little busy for a few months as i just got a dog, but i'll try my best not to let things slip round here too much.


                      • There's a Pizzicato 5 tribute album coming out soon from the T-Palette label (home of Vanilla Beans, Negicco, Lyrical School & more) called "This Years Girls" I'll definitely be getting it so I'll report back.

                        Band Ja Naimon release their first full album later this month called "Re:start" includes new versions of some of their earlier tracks to accommodate the new members, there's two versions, the regular one & one with Aimadonna artwork & live DVD, there's a track on it called "RAVE RAVE RAVE" so I'm in.

                        The sleeve has been done by excellent fashion photographer Kasico who has been doing amazing stuff with .gifs like this..

                        The actual sleeve artwork's great but a little bit racy, BJN seem intent to shed their clothing at the drop of a hat.

                        Wednesday Campanella's got a new single out, she's really shaping up to be one of the best popstars I've seen in ages, I'll probably get the Lyrical School album too


                        • Here's the new Wed Camp single, excellent video again.

                          Wednesday Campanella - "Diablo"

                          According to her twitter activity Paipai Dekami seems to be doing a few gigs after some inactivity, her first album has really stuck with me so I hope she has some more stuff on the way.

                          New Band Ja Naimon single ahead of Re:Start's release, I'd have preferred it to be a bit more DIY but it's as stylistically mental as you could ask for & they're still great.

                          Band Ja Naimon - "The Dangerous World In Your Smile"

                          Great video for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's latest single "Problem Girl" making it look easy as ever.

                          Lyrical School teaser video for I.D.O.L.R.A.P. from the new album. I love these kinds of videos where practically nothing happens at all, this one's great, I love the super grubby keyboard.


                          • Slightly belated but in honour of the 50k views of this long & rambling chart I'm giving away 5 sets of my J-pop swap CDs (if that's cool with the Big Swap Chiefs I've got some spare but I can do a fresh one if this contravenes swap rules).

                            Just reply on this thread & send a pm with your address & I'll bung them in the post (worldwide), prolific posters & lurkers are equally welcome.

                            Thanks for the support for this nonsense


                            • ooo, yes please.


                              • Glim Spanky are a two piece female fronted blues rock outfit, shaky ground for me as "blooze" is my musical kryptonite, but these guys seem to be on the joyous pastiche side of the genre, helped by the decent riffs, hooky songwriting & Remi Matsuo's incredible voice. It's a little trad but I really like thisI think you can get a 45 of this too.