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  • Originally posted by Striker View Post
    Glim Spanky
    A proper "blues" name if ever I saw one.


    • Originally posted by Striker View Post
      ...I'm giving away 5 sets of my J-pop swap CDs (if that's cool with the Big Swap Chiefs I've got some spare but I can do a fresh one if this contravenes swap rules)
      do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law...


      • Originally posted by Striker View Post
        Glim Spanky
        Originally posted by SirSlim View Post
        A proper "blues" name if ever I saw one.
        they need to cover Eminem.


        • I think this at least deserves 250 seconds of our time and consideration.
          Please enjoy.

          To infinity - and beyond!


          • It did occur to me that this thread is not entirely unconnected to this, by the way.
            Not casting aspersions on anyone.
            Rather, simply pointing out a trope within Japanese society.
            To infinity - and beyond!


            • Yeah I was going to mention Ladybaby but each time I saw mention of them from the regular J-pop sources it was in the most disparaging tones so I never got round to actually listening to anything by them, that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be though, I can totally see why they've been stamped with the "Idol Shenanigans" label but they seem to be having fun.

              That Vice video is interesting, but I think Idol culture & trafficked prostitution are a little further apart than the reporter had hoped & there seems to be leaps in the report going from suspiciously eyeing the Idol handshake event (which admittedly is an out of the ordinary sight for western music fans) straight to human trafficking, but that shit is super depressing and Japan has a long way to go regarding the treatment of women in general, as does the rest of the world.

              The other video where he interviews the girl from Akishibu, desperately trying to tie Idol culture in with the seedier side of Tokyo at the end is awful though, they've got three albums on itunes and I think he shows them huge disrespect, no wonder she looked so embarrassed, imagine him taking this line of questioning with an aspiring western pop group, it just wouldn't happen.

              Idol stuff is odd, and sometimes totally creepy, and there's a huge amount of it, the fact that there are immensely creative, sometimes subversive, DIY writers & performers working in such a gimmick filled genre that's famously eager to pander to any audience is one of the things that makes it interesting...

              Having said that here's the new disco-rap single from Lyrical School, a band initially set up to promote a wanking machine.
              And it's great ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

              Another from Glim Spanky, doing a Janice Joplin (Jackie Jorp Jomp) cover version, drawing on the obvious vocal similarities.

              And here's an acoustic version of their track from a few posts ago, worth it for the way the presenter pronounces the band name at the start alone (music starts at 00:45)


              • And here's a great thing from Band Ja Naimon's Yuzu Amanatsu, each member of the band had been doing youtube messages to promote a big solo gig, but this is an awesome lo-fi bubblegum shoegaze thing (cover? I can't be arsed searching songs called "Baby, Baby") with Yuzu playing all the instruments, if this was pressed up as is I would totally buy it, I'd buy a full LP of this stuff. It reminds me of Kenickie a bit and makes me look forward to the new stuff they're working on as the members are becoming more involved in writing & performing their own stuff now that the line up is set.

                You can skip to 0:41 to go straight to the music

                Here's Especia again with their 80s vaporwave stylings, Double A side single so they just cut the video in half, first half for "Aviator", where they're trying to sell us some boomboxes & changing halfway for "Boogie Aroma" which appears to be about underarm deoderant. Anyone might think the Idol world is largely mundane and not the hotbed of perversion that Vice might like it to be

                And lastly new WedCamp, which is excellent as usual, with a great video

                Incidentally there's been some recent visits to the UK from a few bands in this chart, Dempagumi.Inc were over for that big japan expo in London a couple of weeks ago, Passpied were over playing a festival and the amazing Kinoco Hotel were here doing some Mod revival thing, apparently they wanted to play Manchester while they were over here but it sadly didn't pan out.

                Oh and a Grandma-Idol unit has just been launched (average age 85) I'll keep an eye on it...


                • KBG84 are the Grandma Idol outfit, they seem to have been getting universally good press in the west, I don't think Vice has tried to link them with gerontophilia yet but there's time for that.

                  What to say, they've got a very traditional sound & they seem to be having fun, you'd have to be some sort of monster to wish them anything but the best of luck.

                  New single out from Ringo Sheena, if I were the type of person to make sweeping generalisations I'd say she was "the Japanese Madonna", I'd be off the mark but it would give you an idea of roughly where she stands in the world of Japanese pop, she's a hugely talented musician & songwriter, been around since the mid 90s, Lenny Kravitz tried to get his filthy mitts on her at one time & Courtney Love tried to give her a song in 2001, she avoided both these indignities.

                  I've never been a huge fan but I like this new single, the video with spooky folklore action is right up my street too, it's even got some Kasa-obake umbrella ghost in for good measure.

                  Anyway, it's great, sounds like a jazz funk trad-japanese car crash with a big band finale & Ringo looks great as a witch.

                  LOVE IT


                  • JPop's tough...

                    Vanilla Beans recently got signed to new label Avex Trax, graduating from the indie T-Palette. Avex are one of the big majors so they're going to want a return on their investment, I don't know if this is promo shenanigans (I'm 80% sure it is) but the new deal seems like a tough one.

                    They get a single "Onna wa Sore wo Gaman Shinai" & an album but...

                    it was announced that a new album will be on sale in 2016. However, the idol group has first to sell at least 15000 copies of the single, else the album will be cancelled and the duet consisting of Rena and Risa will disband.
                    Not sure on the sales figures for the Japanese charts as to wether this will be an easy win for VB or there's any chance of them not making it, the world is a better place with Vanilla Beans in it so I'm buying a copy even if it's rubbish, wait, did I just get gamed? I don't care.

                    Earlier this year a new Idol unit popped up, there was a bunch of them, 8 I think, well over my max member limit but they seemed quite interesting, five on guitar & three of them on drums all with long fringes covering most of their faces, revelling in the catchy name 5572320 or Go Go Nana Ni San Ni Rei if you want to pronounce it correctly. I wasn't really into the track even though it had a slightly dorky early post-hardcore vibe and lord knows I bought enough of that stuff in the mid 90s, their new one "Ponpara Pecorna Papiyotta" however, is an undeniable work of genius.

                    Composed by legendary anime soundtracker Yoko Kanno (Ghost In The Shell, Cowboy Bebop, Macross etc), coupled with a video directed by some dude who has a history of making oddball animations for Boredoms offshoot bands This is full-on prog pop nonsense of the highest calibre, so the album's a definite must buy when it finally comes out.

                    New Wednesday Campanella album "Zipangu" comes out next week, that's on pre-order, got a bunch of stuff due to arrive later this week, some Model Loosen stuff I'd missed & a 45 of that ace Nanbatatin single.

                    Heard there's a Japanese Whisky Bar opening round the corner from my flat soon, thinking of offering my services as a DJ for at least the opening, but I foresee that it'll be a regular hip bar selling Japanese Whisky rather than one that will let me get away with any of this ridiculousness, we'll see.


                    • Oh and this is well worth a look OMG Japan: Rare & Experimental Japanese Pop (1980-1989)

                      This line in the article is interesting

                      never confined by any one sound, nor were they afraid to poke fun at western constructs of the “oriental” or Japanese fascinations with Western cultural novelties.
                      these themes are still present, the title of the new WedCamp album is "Zipangu" which is an old european name for Japan used in this case to refer to classical foreigners views of the "exotic Orient".


                      • lots of pre-xmas releases

                        New video released of one of the best recent Model Loosen! tracks, I still don't really know what the deal is with this lot, they are so confusing I still don't know if I'm getting their name right, but who cares if they keep releasing 8 minute squalling spacerock shoegaze tracks like this one.

                        "Only You"

                        And this previous single "Hamidasumo" produced by Polysics, with a pleasingly cheap Goodies style video.

                        Wednesday Campanella's released what is reportedly the weakest track of their new album a couple of weeks ago, it was a little safe & had a super slick expensive looking video so I was a little nervous about the album then three days ago this appeared on youtube, and everything's alright again.

                        "Ono Imoko"

                        I love everything about it.

                        Excellent spooky noisepop stuff from She Talks Silence here with

                        "More Anti-Yourself"

                        In other news I think the one who left Rhymeberry has joined Lyrical School, which is nice.

                        One of the tracks on the new Vanilla Beans triple A side single is a christmas song, and here's the video from one of the other tracks, which is called "The Woman Does Not Put Up With It" it's slick jazz funk pop that only VB can get away with plus a great video featuring a cookery show based stand off between them for the affections of a seemingly oblivious chef, it's amazing as always.


                        • Nice interview here with Vanilla Beans in English by the excellent Patrick St. Michel on the MTV81 website.

                          It's really worth a read & displays the bands admirable attitude towards their pop careers & goes into the reasons behind their decision to call it a day if the sales don't hit 15000, which now feels less like huckster cash-in move than it did a month or so ago.

                          Vanilla Beans' very existence as a pop group makes me happy & and contributes to my ability to deal with everyday things like Tories, ISIS and my, and everyone I knows inevitable slide towards oblivion, which is pop musics job right? I've done my bit with a copy of the new album on it's way and I'm hoping plenty of others have too, they've got till the end of February to reach their target which you can keep up to speed with using the DOOMSDAY CLOCK on their Avex website.

                          Wednesday Campanella or as it seems to have settled on SUIYÔBI NO CAMPANELLA now I'll go with that, have released euro vinyl! I found out a bit late and it was sold out on the label's bandcamp page. The subsequent search showed that you could get in a pre-order on Amazon UK that wasn't released till Feb 12th so it's there if anyone wants it.

                          It's a compilation of their French inspired tracks (French Label Specific, who put out the fantastically, practically unlistenable BISKaidan LP with 20% extra noise than the CD Version) so I've got most of this on CD but you know how it is, it's called Jugem' Je t'aime only six tracks but they're all pretty great and it's etched and also on some funny coloured vinyl which the kids are in to.

                          You can also get downloads of it too if you do the whole bandcamp thing.

                          It's not got this on it but this is the latest video from them, which I've been listening to a lot recently, the second recent release that I've loved with frankly ridiculous smooth sax action pretty much from the get-go, there's a jarring bit of 90s style rap scrachin' half way through that I hated on first listen but it doesn't last that long and I've made my peace with it, and the more I hear it I think I might miss it if it wasn't there, in for a penny with the sax in the first place right?

                          Anyway this thing is absolutely killing me at the moment, the video's great too, if a little NSFW...

                          The new Momoiro Clover Z video is out, in a fit of Axl Rose-ean hubris they're about to release their 3rd & 4th albums simultaneously, without a James Cameron/Schwarzenegger blockbuster to help push the first single, we've got the video for "We Are Born" instead, and they've dressed up as weird big babies dancing on a medieval battleground & given over a whole section of it to creepy marionettes.

                          It's a big, exuberant, daft, inventive production, the musical equivalent of a Border Collie. I'll buy these albums, though if they're doing an initial run of double vinyl as they have with the previous ones it's going to cost me an effing fortune.

                          Speaking of which my current delivery from Japan will include three 45s released from the three 50th Anniversary Tokuma Japan label compilations by Konishi Yasuharu (Pizzicato Five) the CDs look great, splitting the content in to Dance Party, Parlour Song(?) and Night of Minoru(???) volumes spanning 60s to the present day.

                          The 45s include Yasuharu remixes, tracks from Vanilla Beans, Kinoco Hotel, Linda Yamamoto even Enka singer Ikuzo Yoshi and others, I think there's even an 80s Gainsourg cover, the auto translate is shaky at best but I'll give these a go then maybe drop some cash on the CDs

                          Also the new Glim Spanky mini album on it's way, which has this on it.

                          I like these two, and you know I like a mini album, so there's me, waiting for the postie.


                          • Still loving your updates Mr Striker
                            And your Xmas CDs. I was listening to We Are The Candyhearts on the way to work today and it's still terrific
                            Thank you, sir
                            "Record collecting is no mere hobby, no innocuous leisurely diversion. It is a feverish passion bordering on dementia, driving those under the influence to irrational, compulsive, fanatical extremes."

                            Night of the Living Vinyl


                            • Yes, I love this thread.
                              "As technology has advanced, vinyl records are outdated as they are music from the 19th Century so only hipsters and elderly people buy vinyl records".

                              Mixes for your delectation:


                              • Hey thanks you two, lovely that people are still reading this waffle & that the CDs are still getting a bit of action, the last two friends I gave copies to haven't spoken to me since