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  • UHHHHHHHHH Live alert!!!

    This month Maison Book Girl & Kyary have both played over here & I've missed both, but Chai are coming to the UK supporting Superorganism on their world tour.

    It's in October & they're playing

    & Oxford

    There's no excuse, see you at the Manchester show.


    • I've gone to the dark side & started using Sp***fy a bit, I've been pleasantly surprised at the amount of stuff there is on there to be honest.

      I've started a J-Pop playlist if anyone wants to follow it (or whatever it is you do on there) I'll be updating it with interesting stuff that comes out or older stuff I've tracked down.

      The Work, Which Becomes A New Genre In Itself, Will Be Called...


      • Originally posted by Striker View Post
        I've gone to the dark side & started using Sp***fy a bit
        Get behind me, Satan!
        "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"


        • Originally posted by Shere Khan View Post

          Get behind me, Satan!
          Hah, I know right, I feel terrible.

          Anyway, I'm currently awaiting the arrival of that great Avandoned 45, the new Wednesday Campanella LP has arrived at my Tokyo forwarding service & I'm in the middle of trying to buy the Aya Gloomy album which is proving harder than I imagined.

          Anyway, here's what's new...

          Manon is gearing up for the album release, this one's a collaboration with Indie Electropop Londoners Kero Kero Bonito, it appears to be about internet dating or something & it's endearingly awkward.

          Manon & Kero Kero Bonito - "Swipe"

          This is about a year old, it's put out on the Big Love label out of Harajuku that I'm trying to get the Aya Gloomy vinyl from, if I can buy from them I might get this next time as it's on 45 & it's got a really great DIY vibe to it.

          Anna - "Electric Dreams"

          New video from Zombie Chang, another great release & the video's great too, Incredible voice, it reminds me of something that I can't put my finger on, she's really something though.

          Zombie Chang - "Mona Lisa"

          Wednesday Campanella released a video of a collaboration with Moodoid that I wasn't mad into, but a couple of days ago this one came out and it's an incredible piece of pop music, apparently the new album is slower with more singing & less rapping, which I'm fine with if it's as good as this.

          Wednesday Campanella - "The Bamboo Princess"


          • Superb stuff Striker. i like all of those, but especially the Anna one.


            • Nice one BC

              It's been ages since I updated this & to be honest I got battered so much on my last record purchase (postage/customs charges etc) that I've had my fingers in my ears for a while so it doesn't cost me any more money but I've got some updates.

              I'll start with the sad news that Vanilla Beans are calling time on their pop career after their upcoming single, the world will be a little shittier without them.
              The artwork is a play on the cover of their first single, the almost perfect "Nicola" (it was actually their second single but the first was a different lineup)
              Click image for larger version

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              Imagine taking the same photo of yourself 10 years later & looking better, no neither can I.

              Anyway the Wednesday Campanella & Aya Gloomy vinyl arrived and they are both great, the AG album is more challenging than I was expecting with some pretty abstract electronic stuff going on, I love them both though.

              In other news I'd pretty much given up on the idea of actually going to Japan as I'm always mad skint but I made my partner put in for her PPI on her banks website & she recently got back a considerable amount of money. So as payback for a few European city breaks I've treated her to in the past she's taking me for two weeks in Tokyo, hasn't quite sunk in yet. so if anyone's got any food/hotel/sightseeing tips hit me up.

              Don't forget to do your PPI people, it's a piece of piss to do & don't bother with any of those scammy cold callers you do it through your banks website, they'll send you a shitload of paperwork but just bin it, they have to investigate it anyway, you'll have to do one or two 15-20 minute phone calls with them where you say that the insurance seemed like it was part of the process to get your loan/CC if that's how it was & that's it, this shit's unexpectedly made us debt free in the space of a couple of weeks.


              • Ha ha, good news on the PPI. Ive done something similar in the last few months and got back money when I didn't expect nuffink. No trips to Tokyo covered, but a week in France was a bonus.

                And do you mean that you haven't been to Japan? Assumed from your posts that you must have visited at some point to get the jpop bug.


                • Hey Bennyboy

                  Yes, I've never been, I suppose it's always been out of reach for me to go but there's been a steady stream of music, TV & film even before the internet that kept me interested. Imagine if I hate it when I get there, I know a couple of people who've been & didn't like it, I'm actually shitting it a little but I'm sure I'll get over it.


                  • Ha ha, I wouldn't worry, I imagine you'll be fine. I went years ago with my mate's band who put a few records out there, smuggled myself over as a guitar tech, and it was brilliant. Had a friend living in Kyoto so did there, Osaka and Tokyo. Generally amazing. Great things like the bars all being in multi storey buildings, so you walk down what looks like an office corridor, open a door and there's a hip jazz bar, with geezers actually in berets drinking whiskey and listening to Coltrane. All my references are late 90's/early 2000's, but Shibuya looks like it's still the place to be. Great shops, great bars, great food.

                    I'm still annoyed at not buying a Parappa The Rapper toaster, but it's something I'll have to live with.


                    • Yeah I can't wait, I'll keep an eye out for any Parappa-phinalia.