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    Originally posted by Shere Khan View Post
    Well it's rocking my boat. Deese tings are so expensive though. Some enterprising UK distributor needs to get on the case.
    You can always join the Xmas swap & get my sweet mix CD

    but yesasia is good and usually does free shipping & some awesome japanese plastic junk thrown in, and is good for bargains, you can't sign in with your regular amazon account but you can set up a new one with an international address.


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      I'm on Amazon jp it's just that the pound rate is not what it was. A lot of sellers won't post to the UK; at least I often put things in my basket only to find at the checkout that the seller doesn't post to my address. I still prefer the UK option.
      I could join the swap but I think time constraints make it difficult for me at the moment. Just now I barely have time to listen to my own records let alone anyone else's. It's a bit of a dilemma: do you buy stuff hoping you will get time to listen to it or do you think " I won't bother I simply don't have the time" ? At the moment I favour the first course of action but constraints of space will come into play soon- and money, of course. Whatever, I'm loving the stuff you're posting. I checked out the vinyl of Date Course on Amazon jp and I think it was around £22 + whatever the post is.
      "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"


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        You're not wrong about the prices, that Lyrical School LP just cost me an eye watering £42 with the postage, I almost requested giftwrapping to temper the buyers remorse, fingers crossed I don't get caught out on import tax too. I reasoned that I just won't see it & these vinyl issues always disappear fast and are near impossible to get second hand (like the Momoiro Clover Z debut & Kyary picture disc).

        I'd kill for a decent UK option. I was talking to my friend last night who collects Kamen Rider toys he says Hong Kong is the best place to get stuff sent from so I'll check that out for the future.

        There's plenty of people who just keep buying & buying records, if you've got the room to keep them then it's not a massive issue some do it just for the collecting element & others are saving up a library to dig through when they retire. If I start getting stacks of unlistened records I decide to do something else with my record budget for a few months, hi fi equipment upgrade, digging excursion abroad, while I pay attention to the records that I thought I couldn't live without.

        The swap is a little overwhelming though just by sheer volume of stuff you get but totally worth it.


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          Fuckers got me with import tax


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            I got Oct 16 circled on my calendar - b-side sounds cool: "They mixed rock and electro dance taste into their own style.''

            have they done any vinyl releases? I've had a bit to do with Kenji Sakajiri from Wonderful Noise - he has several NZ artists on his label I know (story here: who tour up there, so I could try hitting them up to bring some back for me. if I ask real nice anyway.


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              Yes that b-side looks a bit more intriguing, they were tweeting pics while filming the new video (and eating Haribo) the other day, so here's to wednesday.

              Also a pic of them performing in front of that amazing giant Gundam statue, my head would have exploded if I'd seen that in real life...

              My Lyrical School LP arrived, I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. It's a lovely thing though, incredibly high quality print tip on sleeve in one of those mylar sleeves with a sticky flap, so at the very least my object fetish is happy..

              As far as Vanilla Beans go I've not heard of any vinyl issues of their stuff. Although VB's label is a subsidiary of LS's T-Pallete label so if they are doing this as an experiment, if it does well then maybe in the future...

              If you're happy to get down with CD singles I'd definitely get your friends to pick stuff up if they're going (with spacious flight cases for any giant monster/robot stuff)


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                Originally posted by Striker View Post
                Fuckers got me with import tax
                Bastards. We'd pay the VAT gladly but it's the "handling charge" which is the killer.
                "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"


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                  Vanilla Beans - "Please Me Darling"

                  Glockenspiel action, nice song, more "Shibuya-kei" than I was expecting from the description. More interested to hear the B-side now.


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                    Nice interview in English with Negicco on the MTV81 site.

                    Includes possibly the best opening line to an interview ever.

                    "People won’t take you seriously when you’re dancing with vegetables."


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                      Momoiro Clover Z's new single is out soon, they just made the instrumental a free download on their site for 24 hours (low quality MP3 though)

                      It's sounding great, they've gone all South Asian mystic on us, the instrumental sounds like some unholy mix of Godiego & World Of Twist covering that Don Sebesky track with added slap bass.

                      I'll post the video when it's released.


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                        New Kyary!

                        Obviously a cheese before bedtime woman, dancing with the moon, menaced by stripper ghosts, slightly discordant cute pop, turns in to some sort of curly haired monster doing a big poop made of strawberrys. What's not to love about this

                        Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Mottai-Nightland

                        Speaking of Kyary one of her regular producers has an album out and it's pretty sweet & available on UK iTunes for cheapness.

                        Capsule - Control


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                          Momoclo's new MV, green screen extravaganza laying the buddhist imagery on with a trowel. Musically really interesting as previously mentioned, love this lot.

                          Momoiro Clover Z - Gounn


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                            cheers for all those - what's going on with Kyary's eyes?

                            any sign of that Vanilla Beans b-side?


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                              People have commented about Kyary's eyes to me before but I can't really see it, I don't know it might be just odd make up, something to do with her creepy/cute kawaii aesthetic. No youtubes have turned up of the VB bside yet, I'm waiting on my next CD order to come through, will report back

                              And cos it's Halloween


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                                I notice the song structures of all these are perfectly engineered for the new-improved short attention spans of the Younger generations now raised on computer games i.e they chop and change every five seconds or so (and the constantly changing imagery in the videos mirrors them).

                                I thought that latest Momoiro Clover Z one was heading into slower waters with the intro to it being all of about 20 seconds but sure enough it soon shifts into the same restless, ever-changing melody routine of the others. To my ears these songs are eerily reminiscent of early two and a half minute Rock n' Roll records and the very best pop of the 60s, 70 s and early 80s.

                                Just mulling out loud....probably best left in my head really.
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