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  • Holy shit that's great isn't it, Dempagumi Inc. haven't really been catching my attention, till now.

    Produced by Hydain again.

    This has jumped the page, you should all go back one and click the links on Ian's post...

    The comments section is interesting on that article, lots of people really mad at it like it's some sort of sacrilege, like they don't think the Beastie Boys would be totally on board with this?!

    Everything they seem to hate about it I really love, it sounds like Atari Teenage Riot near the end, fantastic.
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      Two members of AKB48 Rina Kawaei & Anna Iriyama have been attacked at a handshake event, apparently some guy went crazy with a saw... A FUCKING SAW! The injuries are to their hands so are non life threatening but this is just awful, hope they're ok (and of course the AKB48 staff who was also injured)

      Handshake events are a big thing in JPop giving fans a chance to meet their favourite pop stars in a super efficient formal fashion, you usually get around 10 seconds per ticket but you can buy multiple tickets to get extra time with your favourite one, obviously this rakes in cash for the groups and the tickets are often included in bundles with new singles, It'll be interesting to see how this is affected after this attack.

      In more positive news

      Band Ja Naimon are asking people to name their new single, they’ve uploaded two tracks from a recent show at the Shinjuku Loft. The first is the inspired B-side ‘Takotokotan Forever’ followed by the unnamed new one.

      This is the first I’ve seen of the proper new line up, there’s some solid live drums at the start from Misako, everyone seems to know what they’re doing, there’s even some keytar & bass miming thrown in, It’s the most together I’ve seen them since they were a two piece.

      Live JPop is often a pretty painful watch and this runs in to some familiar obstacles, singing live is pretty tough if you’ve got a hyperactive dance routine to tangle with, backing tracks are often badly mixed with the live vocal, Band Ja Naimon bulldoze all these problems with energy & sheer force of personality.

      Takatokotan Forever seems to go down well, especially the punk bits, I’ll reserve judgement on the new on till I’ve heard it properly, seems to play it safe a little although there is a couple of reggae bits, they’re taking suggestions on twitter for a title so we’ll see what the great Japanese public come up with.

      I got that Seiko Oomori album, it's really good and more experimentally folky than I was expecting, reminds me of early Beck, Kan Mikami & Badly Drawn Boy's debut with a bit of Strawberry Switchblade thrown in, i'll give it a proper review soon but I'm really glad to have made the effort to get it.

      Waiting on a delivery including the Dempagumi Inc. album and the two Model Loosen (the JPop shoegazers upthread) mini albums, one is a tribute to NEU! the other to ESG. I'll do a full report when they arrive.

      I've been a little busy recently so apologies for the lack of updates to this.

      Oh I nearly forgot Vanilla Beans have done some more custom t-shirts, this time they're covering Nirvana, apparently at the gig this was for they performed a cover of Love Buzz, which sounds so perfect I'm kind of glad I can't find any trace of it online.


      • Originally posted by Striker View Post
        Takatokotan Forever seems to go down well, especially the punk bits, I’ll reserve judgement on the new on till I’ve heard it properly, seems to play it safe a little although there is a couple of reggae bits, they’re taking suggestions on twitter for a title so we’ll see what the great Japanese public come up with.

        Thanks for this. The music was awful, but the general enthusiasm was pretty agreeable. Nice outfits too.
        some times play g+ with back noise,some times vg , super psyché juju lpfront sleeve is very nice vg back vg , but the top corne left is eating buy rats, ask for picture


        • Originally posted by medlar View Post
          Thanks for this. The music was awful, but the general enthusiasm was pretty agreeable. Nice outfits too.
          hahah the music suffers from the live setting, It's a borderline genius racket on CD


          • damn, I want one of those t-shirts.


            • Originally posted by AlanP View Post
              damn, I want one of those t-shirts.
              And all these...

              I don't recognise this...


              This one's great

              I suspect there's more...


              • What a brilliant thread!


                • Hey thanks toby.d

                  Sorry I haven't been here in a few months, thought it would be time for an update.

                  Since the last post I've been continuing to be blown away by the Seiko Oomori (I'm seeing it written Yasuko Omori a lot so I think that's the correct translation but it spells it the other way on the last LP... I'm so confused) they even released a 45 of the two opening tracks on the album, originally stocked exclusively by Disk Union Shibuya who wouldn't entertain the idea of international shipping.

                  Luckily Ticro Market got some in and were happy to send me a copy, they also had a copy of her Record Store Day LP so I got that too, not sure when it's actually from cos it doesn't appear in any official discography's I can find but it's great to have more stuff from her.

                  Which brings me to Pai Pai Dekami, I was all set to let this artist pass me by, I have enough fruity aspersions cast my way for collecting JPop without buying albums by someone who's name translates as "Beauty Big Hooters" (seriously)... The Seiko Oomori producer/mentor? connection got the better of me and while the first single "Painpu" was comfortably too bonkers for me (Rotterdam Termination Source bonkers) I had a listen to some tracks off the debut LP "Let's Dream Shogakko" and they're really great.

                  So that's me, having to field questions about this landing on my CD shelf in a week or two.

                  But I can take the heat for an album this good, I'm not sure if there's a satirical edge to her name/image, I expect there is but I could be totally wrong, all the bio's I can find for her make absolutely no sense at all. It's electronic pop with post punk/Krautrock/game music influences, really hard to pin down but that's one of the things that's great about it.

                  Other stuff I've got recently

                  The two Model Loosen! Neu! & ESG CDs are great, better than I could have hoped, there's no video for the ESG inspired tracks but here's the 10+ minute tribute to Neu!, just think on that for one minute, there is a teen girl band that releases a ten minute Krautrock tribute as a single in 2014...

                  The BiSKaidan LP is practically unlistenable but the CD version with 20% less noise works much better, still a tough sell what with mixing together two ultra divisive sounds but you've got to admire the sheer bloody mindedness of this whole project.

                  The Dempagumi Inc. CD is too mad for me, they are doing something awesome but my brain just can't process it all, some inspired moments but it mostly just stresses me out.

                  I got a copy of the Momoiro Clover Z Sailor Moon theme 45 "Moon Pride", as it's the theme for the legendary cartoon culturally it's a massive deal, it obviously has to be in a certain style so it's an overblown sentimental power rock ballad, it's not my favourite sound for them but it definitely has a certain charm, if they hadn't released it on vinyl I might not have made the effort to pick it up, but they did & I'm a twat.

                  I got a couple of Kinoco Hotel CDs, they are so good at doing the whole Nikkatsu thing that it's tough distinguish their stuff from the original 70s stuff

                  There's new Shinsei Kammatechan album & Band Ja Naimon single on the way later this month too.


                  • That BiSKaidan video I posted earlier (the one with the pig's head) is a cover of this great 1985 track from leftfield JPop fave Jun Togawa.


                    • Overjoyed this chart is back!
                      "As technology has advanced, vinyl records are outdated as they are music from the 19th Century so only hipsters and elderly people buy vinyl records".

                      Mixes for your delectation:


                      • Originally posted by Tsundoku View Post
                        Overjoyed this chart is back!

                        I forgot, there's a new Idol unit in town who, depending on who you're talking to, are possibly the end of civilisation as we know it.

                        Inspired by fashion magazine La Farfa coining the term "Marshmallow Girl" for plus size model Goto Seina & the term being taken on by kids as empowering, they're called Chubbiness and they're here to tell you that an extra donut isn't going to kill you & being a little porky is OK. Sharp eyed commentators have noticed that the 10 members aren't actually that chubby by western standards.

                        They seem to be saying that as long as you live a healthy lifestyle it's alright to put on a bit of timber, which considering the propensity for eating disorders in the Idol world (even Momoclo's Reni Tagaki had problems with drastic unhealthy weight loss for a time) can be viewed as a positive. The video for their debut single is a little on the nose as it's pretty much them eating cakes with various "Here I go again" reaction shots, there's even a bit where one of them is at the gym & her water bottle turns into a cake.

                        In a unique piece of marketing they've opened two pop up restaurants in Tokyo where the band all work as waitresses and have a site where they recommend exercise products.

                        The music's rubbish and the western outrage machine has been withering, but they all seem happy & this being Japan it could be much worse and if it makes some kids feel better about themselves then I can't get too mad at it, it'll be interesting to see how they maintain their actual "chubbiness" with the energetic dance routines & general hectic pace of a typical Idol schedule.

                        But as I said the music's terrible so here's a track off the forthcoming Shinsei Kamattechan album Hero Syndrome (Drums by Band Ja Naimon leader Misako). It's been ages since I've looked forward to a new-new album as much as this one.


                        • I really like this one, Namba Shiho is the lead vocalist with XXX Of Wonder which also features Julie Watai in some capacity, I wasn't over keen on their debut single "Lucid Dream Madonna" as it was a little sugary for me, my favourite thing about it was Namba's awesome outfit in the video.

                          Just look at it! So cool.

                          She's got together with two member idol unit Tarte Tatin who I know nothing about to form Nanbatatin (see what they did there?) and it seems to be written (lyrics) by my current fave Seiko Oomori so I'm already on board. Hooky repetitive lo-fi guitar pop with sweet but deadpan vocals, love the test-card outfits & the low energy video too.

                          Nanbatatin - "Girlz.Reteru.Talk"


                          • Vanilla Beans have a new single coming out in November called Uchouten Girl (Ecstatic Girl?)

                            According to the JPop Idols site it's inspired by the 80s & idols from that period, they're wearing cheerleader outfits to promote this so I'm hoping for some "Hey Mickey" style action rather than some smooth City Pop guff so fingers crossed.

                            There's a limited edition of the single that includes a film of them walking to the top of Mt Fuji, which is nice.

                            ordered the Nanbatatin & most recent Kinoco Hotel albums so I'm looking forward to those, the Band Ja Naimon single was cool enough but the b-side was a little disappointing. The Shinsei Kamattechan album is great as is Pai Pai Dekami, can't wait to hear more from her.

                            In Idol Rap news Lyrical School have got a new one coming out soon called Pride

                            Their debut LP has really grown on me & this is their second single since then, the first being the Summer anthem "Fresh" that came with a frolic-by-the-pool-in-swimsuits video which was innocent enough and features a giant inflatable donut but it'd still get you some serious side-eye if you get caught watching it...

                            Rhymeberry's new single's called "Idol Illmatic" which made me chuckle, no video yet.


                            • Ah the Vanilla Beans video just went up... It's got bagpipes!

                              Sounds more 70s than 80s but I like it, it's super corny but that's their thing and they do it so well. They'd lay waste to eurovision if Japan was allowed in.


                              • More info has come out on the Vanilla Beans single from the always exhaustive Tokyo Girls Update

                                Turns out Rena VB (she's always the one on the left) is a huge fan of songwriter & ex Blue Comets Daisuke Inoue, seen here killing it on flute & sax on the Ed Sullivan Show in '68

                                Rena found out that he'd written a song for the legendary 80s Idol duo Wink that was never recorded and contacted Inoue's people to ask permission to record it as Vanilla Beans, the B-side is also written by him for a Kanebo Cosmetics advert in the 80s.

                                Here's Wink in action, you can see they were a massive influence performance wise on VB

                                Rena said of the single:
                                We’re really happy we can be singing Mr. Inoue’s song as a Vanilla Beans original, and I hope that this song, which is themed as a “fight song”, can become music for even just one person supporting lots of others from behind.
                                My admiration for Vanilla Beans knows no bounds, great pop group.