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    I know it's Satruday, but that's how out there I am!

    If I charted what I bought this week I would be a laughing stock.
    Random jazzers from the crate.

    Modern Jazz - Studio Nr. 3 - Amiga Records (Germany) 1969.

    Quality selection of modal jazz cuts on this beast. As it’s No. 3 you can guess it’s got a No. 1 & 2 to seek & find also, of which I have neither, but I am still young.
    Two bands take the stand here: The Volkmar Schmidt - Combo & The Michael Fritzen - Quartett, & both contribute a belter a piece. “Rien” from the Michael Fritzen - Quartett was recorded in in Berlin 1967 and has that quintessential modal groove that we expect from the likes of Clarke Boland etal. Sublime 4/4 jazz with great solo’s, it lopes along like I don‘t know what. It was compiled a few years ago in an anthology of the Amiga lable & is what led me to the purchase. Check the RI for a taster.
    The main squeeze for me however is “Episode” by the Volkmar Schmidt - Combo. More Up-Tempo & with a slightly hard edge to the sax solo’s, Miles styled muted trumpet, nicely understated guitar solo and the obligatory drum solo. Very nice, as I sit here drinking Rioja & stroking my beard (Recently trimmed in honour of the Soul Fiend!). “I Want to be Happy” is a nice up-tempo piece, quite brash & better for it.
    The rest is a mix of Yesterday (not too bad a version) a jazz version of Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind” & Jobim’s “The Boy From Ipanema”. Solid jazz LP.
    Tend to prefer European jazz at the moment, even if it’s US players recording in Europe. This is just the ticket.

    Dorothy Ashby - Plays for Beautiful People - Prestige (USA) 1969.

    This is a fantastic jazz LP. You want breaks & grooves & moving fingers then we got that, but there’s more (as Jimmy Cricket used to say). Originally released on New Jazz as ‘In A Minor Groove‘, I‘d imagine the OG does a pretty penny, however this is a 1969 OG on Prestige with a nice grooved lable & the Bergenfield address. Two original cuts are the ones, super smooth, and more relaxed than a vat of radox, but still with a punch. ”Rascality” & “It’s a Minor Thing” just bob along, assisted by Frank Wess on the old flute (the Herbster could of learnt a bit from Mr Wess on tasteful application of the flute!!.) Anyhow, just the job for a wind down, “Bohemia after Dark” soaked in Dotty’s delicate harp. Too soon your old & big fat beats ain’t the only fruit.

    Milton & Anne Delugg - Gulliver’s Travels Beyond the Moon OST - Mainstream (USA)

    Happy monsters gone good!
    Proper soundtrack to “An Animated Space Age Feature…..”
    Wacky kiddies rhymes & glockenspiels and spacey effects is all well & good and even tolerable to a point, but when they shut the fuck up and decide to throw a jazz tune to kick off side 2 it’s all worthwhile. Again a modal 4/4 groove, led by piano with dramatic sweeps & a wicked flute. Top cover too.

    Marco Di Marco & The Chris Woods Sextet - Together in Paris - Modern Jazz Records 1974 (Italy)

    It’s a goodie….. “Bossa With Regards”, Fat double bass, classy sax from Chris Woods and Marco Di Marco on the Fender Rhodes. Brazilian percussion keep it foot tapping along & they reach a crescendo & launch a batacada near the end. The rest will provide the owner with tasteful jazz for a Friday afternoon.

    David Lahm - Real Jazz for the Folks Who Feel Jazz - Paj 1982 (USA)

    Two stonking jazz dancers in a Jazz Juice stylee…
    Janet Lawson gives it some Pzzzzazzzz on the vocals, “Harold’s House of Jazz” & “Shazam (Captain Marvel), Bam! Shabam! A solid LP too. Should be no more than 500 of your good GB pence.

    Keep it jazz. Boney.
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    You can't take a stocking offa bare leg

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    Simon N [sez]

    Nice One Mark-great Selection Of Well Cool And Interesting Tunes...hope You Are Well-simon Flytipper X
    Banned (DJ Anchovy)


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      Hi there Simon, ditto. Liked your chart, proper decent stuff, that Doldinger 45 super cool.
      Try & get down to a B Music if you can, be great to hook up.
      You can't take a stocking offa bare leg