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  • Top 5 empty LP sleeves

    found while digging yesterday. Oooof!

    1) Cymande S/T
    2) Grandmaster Flash The Message
    3) JB's Doing It To Death
    4) UMC's S/T
    5) Ultimate Breaks & Beats vol 1

    Still, they were in a bunch of crates labels "$1, but you gotta buy 10" which I thought meant $1 ea, but no, they were 10 for a dollar, so I spent $3 on 30 records, including the empties.

    For 10c did get some more or less beaten up copies of:

    Ripple Blast Band - The Greatest R&B Instrumental Hits
    Buddy Rich - A Different Drummer, no sleeve
    Master Breaks & Beats Vol 2. An old school bootleg with Bob James, Juice's Catch a Groove, Dennis Coffey, The Meters and Bill Withers on it. Slightly bowl shaped.
    Quincy Jones - Smackwater Jack, no sleeve.
    BT Express - Do It LP
    Grover Wash - Mr Magic LP
    Cheri - Murphy's Law 12"
    plus some not so great 90s hiphop - Cool J, Flavor Unit, some Bobby Womack, and a trashed Funky Four + 1