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    This Month I present a top 7.
    Yes 7 not 10 or 5 or however many are records usually charted.
    The 7 is to mark the release of ‘HEADSHOTS SE7EN’ by my idols ‘Atmosphere”.
    Now how’s that for some obsessive fan behaviour.

    Or is it that I only found ‘Se7en’ records this month (sounds more like the truth).

    No pics ‘m afraid.
    I tried.
    And failed.

    The Groovers Steel City Orchestra

    Having bought so many terrible steel band albums in the past I almost gave this one a miss.
    But I had a feeling and that feeling was the version of ‘Sir Duke’ on this album was going to be a winner but as usual I was wrong.
    Lucky the self penned ‘Introducing the Groovers’ made the 25p spent very very worth while. Up tempo funkiness with almost a bboy feel to it (unfortunately the beat isn’t quite strong enough). Superb.


    An album with original compositions preformed in the style of dead musicians (or something like that).
    A definite one tracker but ‘Time of tide’ makes this worth picking up for real. A baseline driven track with lovely keys and surprisingly a real nice vocal. Maybe not for everyone but this is one of my favourite tracks at the moment.

    Muddy Waters/Electric Muddy

    German Pressing of ’Electric Mud’ that I found in a charity shop in Teignmouth.
    Lives up to the hype and there’s an added bonus for Atmosphere fans.


    Bought this with a listening first on the portable . It was only 75p and I’d have bought it for the artwork alone, its really beautiful (the record and cover were mint).
    Its described as being ‘A collection of songs and prose about a happening in Hong Kong. To anybody, anytime’. Well this just captured m imagination and I just had to have to.

    So what does it sound like you may ask?

    Well its (as I suspected) orchestral/ atmospheric stuff none of it being beat driven. But it’s a producers dream and lovely to just sit and relax to. A nice find.

    All can eat/OST

    A fairly well known record so I guess description isn’t necessary. If I ever start making beats again I’m definitely going to loop up ‘Painting for a freakout’.

    The Last Run/Jerry Goldsmith

    ‘Boarder Crossing’ was comped on a Dusty Fingers some years ago.
    Most of the album is in standard ILLDRAMASTABS style that these albums are often in, which is cool and all that but I wonder how often I’m going to spin this. If feel its more of a producers album than a listener.

    Johnny Harris/Movements

    This record was cool years ago but I missed the boat then (couldn’t find a cheap copy) and have only just this week landed myself a copy.
    Its amazing…..I know you all already know this but I didn’t. I though it was going to be just good, but its not its way beyond good. Far better than a lot of the records that get hyped these days.

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    i just bought the introducing the groovers 45 which is how i found this site, seeing as there is no other infomation about them on the intraweb

    good song...your right about the beat tho