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    Here are some 45s that have been making the rounds on the turntable as of late, so I guess these would be my February Chart selection. My computer is a bit tempermental, so I have to type this up in word and then copy into here. I don’t think it can handle label scans. I can’t even get a spell check without an error, so bare with me…..

    Otis Goodwin – I Feel It Just a Little Bit
    An old 45 on the funk scene, and one I’ve had for a while, but surface noise on my first copy always bothered me and kept me from spinning it. Recently I plunked down the $ for a minty copy, and I couldn’t be happier. Top notch tune, with Otis providing a real soulful delivery over the r’n’b funk of the Casternetts.

    Floyd Morris – A Mellow Mood
    This has a Dorothy Ashby “Soul Vibrations” type of drum sound - on steroids. Throw on a piano riff and a scratchy guitar and here’s some straight ahead funk. Best part in my opinion: when the scratchy guitar gets its solo part. Keep that guitar in the front of the mix a little longer, please.

    Sergio Mendes – Comin’ Home Baby
    I used to focus on Prestige in my jazz 45 searches, but then I bought a few Atlantic jazz sides on the cheap, and I now I rarely pass them up either. You know the tune. Sergio puts his stamp on it. Phenomenal.

    Clarence Wheeler and the Enforcers – Doin’ What I Wanna
    This is the shit. Solid soul jazz 45 here. The organ player and drummer are on. The organ solo just knocks me out. I’m thinking this is the best Prestige 45 that never was. Anyone know if ‘Right On’ is available on a 45? I gotta find that one.

    Ernie Hawks & the Soul IG’s – Soulful Trip pt 1
    New release from the Timmion stable. Mid-tempo funk track with some heavy drumming and liberal amount of organ, flute & other percussion done so right. This is really my sound: straight-forward funk of the highest order. I can’t even get beyond side one to flip it over. This is going to be an instant classic.

    Jimmy Jones – Time and Changes
    Switching things up here, here is an uptempo vocal funk track outta Illinois from ‘76. Took a few days to grow on me with the guitar + synth (?) in the background, a bit overwhelming at first, but becoming ever more intoxicating and now it’s under my skin. Is this the same guy who released 45s on Deke?

    Johnny Williams Organ Trio – Omar
    Straight-ahead uptempo mid-60s organ jazz here. Always been partial to this sound, club jazz, mod jazz, whatever. Other side – “Toe Tappin’” is pretty damn good, too.

    Asterix – Keep Yourself Together
    Something I never heard of from Philly. From 1980 (which is later than I normally buy), this has a solid party groove with plenty of organ and horns. Only odd thing is the use of cowbell throughout….threw me off at first, but is now alright. I found nothing when I googled this one. Probably will be on the CD swap.

    Big Al ‘T’ Orchestra – Do The Slide
    I’m always interested in funk and jazz 45s from Philly & NJ, and I got this one in a trade recently. Big drums with some tasty horns start it off, and then it settles down into a nice groove. Headnodder stuff. The flip is a strong cover of ’25 Miles’. Nice.

    The Sisters and Brothers – The Jed Clampett part 1
    My wife bought this for me for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you probably know this. That tight snare is fantastic start to finish, and – I normally don’t get excited over this - the break is spot on. I love the guitar bits, too, complementing the groove. And the bass, when that comes back in from the break. And, and….oh shit, I’m gushing….