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A Paradise of Pops - February

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  • A Paradise of Pops - February

    Righty o. Here's my first crack at one of these chart things.

    Rather than just go with the good stuff I thought given that I bring home an equal amount of shite that i'd do a half-crap, half-youbloodyripper chart.

    So first off here's a smattering of the baddies - don't make the same mistake!:

    1. Souled on Him - VA (EMI Custom): I'll start with this one cause I was convinced it was going to be amazing. The cover looked right, the names of the bands seemed promising. Well, it's a right load of cack. Dull folk odes to good old Jebus. Oh well.

    2. A Whiter Shade of Pale - Mellow Fruitfulness (EMI): Again, I thought for sure this would come thru with the goods (I mean the band name alone screams winner!). Well, the sound is pretty good (really dark, boomy and lo-fi) but the choice of songs is pretty appalling. The 2 or 3 originals are perhaps the worst of the lot too.

    3. ? - The Larry Page Orchestra (DJM): A half decent go at LMF just isn't enough to keep this out of my 'back to the opshop you go' pile.

    4. I Looked for Love - Ralph Carmichael (Light): I'm a bit of a fan of RC's work from the late-60's and early 70s. Usually there's some good 'now' sounds happening and if you're lucky some great anti-drug, anti-hippy lyrics to sing along to. This is not one of them!

    5. Get Ready! - Larry Mayfield (Tempo): As you can tell I came across a large lump of Xtian records this month and I managed to get a few keepers. This one is from the right era (73) and seems to hint at being for the young folk but it's really just some dull choir singing atop some not quite good enough music. Ho hum.

    Now, for the goodies:

    1. Fiesta! - Chico Lopez (Windmill): I'm sure most of you are familiar with this due to 'Trouble Spot' but it's totally new to me. I can't even remember why I bagged it in the first place but i'm glad I did. Now, the afformentioned Trouble Spot is indeed a corker, but it's by no means a one tracker. Even though there's enough Tijuana Brass to start a bullfight the swinging arrangements seem to pull it thru.

    2. Golden Instrumental - Hans Richter Orchestra (EMI): I grabbed this due to Venus being amongst the tracks listed and that's the only reason to keep this record. It doesn't add much to the original but it's a nice little arrangement nonetheless.

    3. Love - Otis Skilling (Tempo): Now this is more like it. Aside from having a great cover this is the kind of Xtian gear that gets me all hot and bothered. Nothing funky mind, but some groovy 'now' sound kind of stuff plus some hip spoken word 'scenarios'.

    4. Sounds Spectacular - Johnny Hawksworth (Regal): This was sitting right on top of a pile of records just waiting for me. I'd take a guess at it being from the early 60's so there's not much beatiness to be had but rather some nice lounge sounds (with organ) that wouldn't have been out of place in TV show's of the time.

    5. Seven Golden Men OST - Armando Trovajoli (UA): Sydney isn't exactly overflowing with 60's Italian soundtracks so finding this was a nice surprise indeed. Some crazy scat-vocals and groovy swinging jazz make this a little ripper. Sitting right behind this was a copy of Stone OST as well! Blimey!

    So, that's it for my first chart.

    Sergio Paradise
    Electric Prunes
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