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A trip back in time: my top ten from one day in 1989

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  • A trip back in time: my top ten from one day in 1989

    I was recently contacted by a woman I'd not heard from in over twenty years.
    She used to run The Beatpack International Fan Club and catered to its at least three members.
    She'd been cleaning out the garage and found a stack of old stuff she used to send out to prospective members and included amidst the promo photos and guff was a Top Ten For Today.
    Thought some of you might be curious about what my listening habits one day in 1989 were!
    Here goes . . .

    To infinity - and beyond!

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    A very cool selection - back in 89 I wouldn't have known a single one of these - and there are some I still don't know
    For me this was the sound of my 1989:

    "Record collecting is no mere hobby, no innocuous leisurely diversion. It is a feverish passion bordering on dementia, driving those under the influence to irrational, compulsive, fanatical extremes."

    Night of the Living Vinyl


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      no Primal Scream ?!
      Banned (DJ Anchovy)