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    haven't been on here for a bit but nice to see peoples at bill & belson's "funky white guys" gig last nite, and now i'm a little hung-over at 3pm the following day, thought i'd participate for a change.

    here's a few i've been into lately.

    1. disciples "changes". got this yesterday, played it 7 times consecutively last night after getting home from the aforementioned gig, missed the chelsea highlights & ronaldhino's genius because of this, but worth it, worth it, worth it. this is what you seek out lost 45s for: can't describe it but it'll be the last song this saturday night in cambridge and it will make you very happy…

    2. sounds of black "sounds of blackness". got to buy it when its titled such. someitmes that doesn't work but this is excellent.

    3. combined forces "colors are real / feelin' good". sweet soul with huge drums and flip it, you have an almighty funk side: not in the fast dirge kind, just down-home, live, heavy drums, falsettos…

    4. jus'us "people there's got to be a change". thanks for your patience george, again. messy heavy ghetto funk, home made sound. it's not really the fact that its home-made, its when a band piles all their savings into making a 45, they have a NEED to do it, it means something to them, hence the power in the music. forgive the soapboxing, but its true.

    5. young philadelphians "flying free". test press that says "joe, should i add violins to this?". answer is thankfully no: just a heavy instrumental disco funk cut. even N. Cope is taking to this 'awful' sound a little: witness his playing of the fabulously luxurious "Burg" 45 at the Salmon these past few weeks. This is heavier, but still a later sound that a year ago i would have regurgitated at the mention of. i've since learnt that disco is just a slightly different rhythm pattern. this is still all powerful playing and heavy expression.

    6. ellis & cephas "i'm gonna miss you girl". from 1979, freaky picture cover, strange guitar effects, dilapidated, insistent drumming, moody 'modern' record.

    7. steve parks "i'm still thinking of you". slow down, feel your loss of love, this is will also change your mood. can't play it out or people will leave crying.

    8. people's choice "off-spring". as heard on dante carfagna's big daddy mix tape from years back. never knew what it was till mr finewine played it. opening drums will zap you, descends into a falsetto / drums / flute combo. noice.

    9. tulsa magnificent seven band "pluck-a-pluck". home made! one take, live, one microphone, drums in the far corner of the venue echoing off 4 walls. another one with moments of D&B drum patterns. so shit, its exceptional.

    10. walter & sisters "how long". massive string led chorus crescendos and sparse, drum heavy soul inbetween. from californian label that otherwise had psych LPs…
    High on my own supply.

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    Where in Cambridge will you be playing these records Cal?


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      Originally posted by the sleeper
      Where in Cambridge will you be playing these records Cal?
      Lite Bar! won't get going till 11ish, goes till 2. Hopefully see you there Hayden -
      High on my own supply.


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        Hi Cal - good to catch up with you on Tuesday at The Social - me and the missus will see you on Saturday night. Can't wait to hear some of these tunes you've charted !
        If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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          Cal I unfortunately can't go tonight but do you play at the Light Bar often and if so when? as I actually live in Cambridge and could no doubt go to another one.