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    This is my response to Fuz's heroic efforts recently with his UK country charts. I posted these up in the comments of volume 3 but have only just managed to get a Divshare account and make mp3s of them all so hopefully this will work ok. Please let me know if it doesn't and I can try to fix anything at this end. After a recent catastrophic loss of a memory drive here I've lost a lot of scans so I don't have many of my own, some of the pictures here are pictures lifted from old listings and such like. I'll try and get my own pictures up tomorrow if I can. Hope some of us who enjoy digging into the private crates can find something to like amongst this little selection

    Buzzard Creek - Knockin' on Heaven's Door (from 4 track 7" on Country House Records, 1984): just a nice country rock rendition of this Dylan standard from a group who had worked for many years of the circuit up north. The lead guitarist whose name escapes me at the moment later died on stage due to faulty electrics

    Gambler - The Loser (from 'Loser Always Pays' LP on Gambler Records, 1982): the only self penned effort on the so far as I can find out sole LP by this group from Elgin. A bit more upbeat than some of the songs posted here but certainly sounds a bit different from the general sea of stuff found on C&W LPs, a bit more to the side of country rock

    John Slattery - Your Sister Sue (from split 7" with Ron Slattery on Thor Records, 1970s): I think I maybe only like this because it is rather bad. Really rudimentary country rock with lackadaisical vocals. The flip is a murdering of Okie from Muskogee

    Legend - Some Broken Hearts Never Mend (from 4 track 7" on Neptune Records, 1977): really nice, languid version of this Don Williams song. Quite a lot of pedal steel guitar if that's your thing. This group were at one point the backing band for Sydney Devine but don't hold it against them

    Mixed Emotions - You'd Better Move On (from s/t LP on BGS Chord, 1970s): cover of an early Rolling Stones number. Again it's a fairly slow moving rendition but just has a nice melancholy air. One of the better recordings to escape from the vast back catalogue of things recorded by Bill Garden. Apologies for the slight skipping at the end of the track here, my copy has a scratch just at the end but the majority of the song is fine, hopefully find an upgrade copy at some point

    Nat Little & the Knights - Country Roads (from Glencoe 7" on NKR, 1970s): another cover that is just teetering on the verge of collapse with the instruments always just a little bit out of sync with each other. Lends it a charmingly amateurish air

    Revelations - Home in A Glory Land (from Peace 7" on Grampian, 1965): a mix of rock'n'roll, folk and bluegrass/country with Xian lyrics from the wilds of northern Scotland in the mid-60s. Has a great solo about 2 minutes in that shreds, almost 2 chord garage rock in style

    Speedy & Ian - Me and Bobby McGee (from v/a Ayrshire Folk LP on Deroy, 1973): a version of the Kriss Krisstfferson song that seems to appear a lot on various records I've turned up. This is my favourite version and features Speedy and Ian before they formed a group called Company Policy who went to release a few LPs and singles (to very little critical acclaim and plenty of derision on line many years later)

    Stoneycreek - Ballad of Jesse James (from 4 track 7" on Ca Va/Thor, 1978): bluegrass (and rather banjo heavy) effort from the Glasgow area to the best of my knowledge. All four songs are decent and just very different from the country normally found in the charities round this way

    Country Gold - Good Hearted Woman (from their 'The Band, Their Music...' LP on Big D Records 1983): version of a Willy Nelson/Waylon Jennings composition which is a little different from the usual stuff covered by bands up here. Guitar tone and melody sounds a little surf-y at times (vaguely) which adds a nice air to it

    Helen Randell - Georgia on My Mind (from 'Country Class' LP on Country House, 1978): just a great version of the standard, maybe not so much country as others that I've mentioned (Helen herself states that she has sprinkled some non country songs on the LP) but just such a fantastic version, a little Dusty Springfield in places

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    Thanks Stephen, much to like here and just as much which raises a smirk. Much needed round Fuz towers at the moment...
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      Glad you found something to like in amongst it all Fuz - what were your highlights? I picked up another couple of country LPs earlier (and that Ronnie Dale LP on Lismor which is actually ok, well better than expected). One of the LPs has, amazingly, an even stranger rendition of Country Roads on it, not sure what to make of it to be honest. I also caved and picked up that Willie Sutherland 'Count Your Blessings' LP purely to have it for the cover which is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen (coupled with the title of said LP)